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LPM leader concerned about the “senseless” murders and their impact on Saint Lucia

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) Leader Therold Prudent has said that the “senseless” murders occurring in Saint Lucia will eventually have a serious impact on the image and economic viability of the country.

The homicide case of 66-year-old British national Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway is one of those deaths that have further tarnished the image of the island, Prudent said.

Hathaway’s bloodied body was reportedly discovered in his residence in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet by a neighbour on Sunday, January 13, around midday. Police said Hathaway’s body bore “apparent wounds” and he was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner.

LPM Leader Therold Prudent

Prudent told St. Lucia News Online in an interview that he was “very dismayed” by Hathaway’s death, adding that “it made me feel particularly sad for our nation, and its image throughout the broader international community”.

“These senseless murders occurring on our island will eventually have a serious impact on the economic viability of Saint Lucia. In fact, as those negative stories are published in capitals around the world, it will no doubt give would be visitors or persons who may wish to invest in our nation and make it their home, the chills about wanting to come to our shores,” Prudent said.

Indeed, the Hathaway homicide has been published by all major British broadcast stations and newspapers.

The LPM leader took a swipe at Prime Minister Allen Chastanet regarding the crime situation.

“He should focus more instead of bragging about false economic growth and unreliable and inaccurate unemployment data. Mr. Chastanet should be focused on instilling greater confidence in our police force, by offering them the tools needed to combats crime. We need a way out of this crime wave paralysis and to reclaim our nation from criminals and those without the moral and political will to help protect the citizens of our nation,” he added.

Hathaway’s homicide is the first for 2019.

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  1. "Therold Prudent has said that the “senseless” murders occurring in Saint Lucia will eventually have a serious impact on the image and economic viability of the country"

    EVENTUALLY, I'm sorry to break it to you but I'll never be visiting St. Lucia again and I'll be informing the cruise lines that I sail with that if they plan to stop at St Lucia I'll be choosing another cruise line.

    St Lucia has had more than enough time to deal with crimes against tourists and has chosen not to!

  2. The man died in his bed with no signs of a struggle or anything like that. Which criminal enters your house and kills you before they start to rob the place? And also make sure to cover your face with a pillow? Rob maybe loved the nasty sex that only local black girls could offer so maybe his liking for such turned on him who knows. But this one here is fishy and the stench is everywhere and maybe if our cops are good they'll uncover it just like KIM'S CASE. Up to now they can't give a report of the evidence that had to arrive on the weekend which has already passed. I think the politicians should give their political ramblings a break because it's not in the people's interest on in their to make the government of the day look bad. They are dogs barking at a bone of a new story every time there's one. Hot topic of the day let's attack it. If you want to make a difference offer some solutions let them be put in place cause crime is everybody's concern.

  3. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    Prudent do u know the criteria of the matter?ou ka batt bole!..he straight up wasn't a visitor and lived for some time in st.lucia which means he loved and appreciated this no forensic or cop but this one doesn't look like a random's now for the police to put their skills and ability together.


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