LPM launches new website

LPM launches new website

As part of its reorganizational effort to better prepare the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) for the challenges involved in contesting the next elections, the party has launch a brand new website outlining some of its political and economic agendas for the next four years, including a philosophy of resilience that reminds the Saint Lucian electorate that the “Lucian People’s Movement is here to stay!”

The LPM says that in the next four years, it will prove to the Saint Lucian people why their political organization is worthy of their votes. The LPM is determine to lay the proper foundation that will allow Saint Lucians from all walks of life to participate freely in a political organization that shares and understands their sufferings and frustration.

The LPM will not use the levers of power and government trappings to oppress and victimize those who did not cast a vote for their party while enacting a policy of massive borrowing and spending in order to provide jobs for its most ardent supporters.

The LPM envisions a society based on fairness, and a society where a system of meritocracy is the guiding principle whereby governments award contracts and jobs to the citizens of Saint Lucia.

If given an opportunity to govern the nation after the next elections, one of the very first priorities of the LPM is to become serious about who represents Saint Lucia abroad. The LPM vows not to use Saint Lucia’s membership in the United Nation as a stumping ground to employ another politically attached international legislator or other political henchmen who will sit at the United Nation for the next five years but remain unable to give an account of their tenure. The LPM expects that such a legislator would use their position to advance the cause of a poor and struggling country such as Saint Lucia in order to bring jobs and technical advancement to our shores.

The global society in which we live mandates that Saint Lucia establish a consistent foreign policy manned by a trained and internationally savvy group of Saint Lucian diplomats who are able to combine business smarts and a common understanding of the legislative agenda of respective governments at, for example, the United Nations, Washington, London and Canada in order to deliver bread onto the table of the common man back home in Saint Lucia.

Under an LPM administration, we will not just talk the talk but walk the walk. We will encourage young Saint Lucians who are currently studying in the fields of international relations and business administration to apply for internship at our various consulates abroad. This, we believe, is the first step in producing a trained diplomatic corps that is not tinted by the ugly vestiges of red and yellow politics back home.

The interest of the people of Saint Lucia is what an LPM administration would be most concerned with instead of only the advancement of a narrow partisan agenda that seeks to stifle commonsense and job creation in favor of employing a small circle of political dinosaurs and relics of the past!

Our website can be found at www.lpmstlucia.com



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