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LPM forges ahead with plans for National Convention


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In a public demonstration of its growing strength as a political organisation, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) is currently forging ahead with plans to host its first national convention under the theme “Committed to Building a Better Saint Lucia.”

The convention, which will be held at La Ressource, Dennery, is expected to bring together a total of 170 delegates from around the island. This supreme body of delegates, which will thereafter be referred to as the People’s Congress, will then move to enact its solemn responsibility of electing an official National Council.

Several young persons, including other senior members of the LPM, are expected to vie for a number of key positions on the National Council, which will consist of the following officers: political leader, deputy political leader, chairperson, general secretary, assistant general secretary, treasurer, field coordinator, public relations officer and youth coordinator.

The LPM hopes to contest all 17 constituencies in the next election and has already begun to expand its search for candidates and volunteers with the necessary skills, aptitude and innovative mindset to enable them to deliver deep and lasting social, economic and political progress in Saint Lucia.

Further information will be provided at a later date.

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  1. As an expat, you have my full support. Who thought in our life time to ever see a black president. Keep hope alive.

  2. Are you all serious?The treasury will collect some more deposits next election.Lol.Trust me there will be no change in a hurry to the two-party support system in St.Lucia.

    • Perhaps if you were listerning to what the country is thinking you might have discovered that the two party system is in trouble.
      For your information I rather throw my vote on something i believe in than waste my time with this two party system has become so assured of themselves.
      Maybe hardbacks like you don't care progress. But my generation that is going through suffering does want out of this two party system papishow.

    • your backward attitude is exactly why these clowns controlling your future...

  3. I've been a closet supporter of the LPM but it looks like soon I will have to step out of that closet and show my face. I am looking forward to the convention. Proud of LPM!

  4. Good luck Saint Lucia. As the late Hunter J. Francois correctly pointed out to us, the two-party system is a very broken and dysfunctional system.

    This is crying out for change and substantial improvement. This needs to be fixed with an acceptable institutional remedy. Something that is going to last. To last long enough to give the entire population a chance to lift itself from misery and abject poverty.

    LPM provides an escape, a very chance of escape from our constitutional, slave, and passive acceptance of the two-party support of Saint Lucia's Political Poverty Trap.

    Look for a forthcoming book on this subject. We need to toss the foolish ideas that sink all of us who are not supporters of the ruling party so deeper everyday into poverty. Are we ready to sweep away the current jokers on the political stage? Are we?


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