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LPM eyes balance of power in next general election

By SNO Staff

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The three green seats represents those that the LPM is seeking to secure at the next election. If they mange to secure those seats, they are likely to create a balance of power, Leader Therold Prudent said. * Photo: LPM

The minority Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) has its eyes set on picking up at least three seats in the 18-seat House of Assembly of Saint Lucia, whenever the next election is called.

The party said once they manage to get three or more seats in the Parliament, they are more likely to break the balance of power and change the trajectory of politics in Saint Lucia.

Leader of the LPM, Therold Prudent, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday that while it may be a huge task, his party, which is made up of mostly of grassroots people, is confident they can do it.

“The way we are looking at it, is to break the monopoly that the SLP and UWP have on the country. The LPM must in this election win an x amount of seats. We must get it. We are looking at three seats or more, but even one would change the trajectory of politics here,” he asserted.

Prudent told SNO that this will help his party to represent the people’s interest in Parliament, to table legislation to reform, and bring changes to the country.

“It would also mean that neither major parties, will be able to count on the LPM, in terms of supporting their agenda, because our only agenda would be the agenda of those who have sent us in Parliament.”

The LPM leader said if his party manages to secure at least three seats at the next election, then it will be positioned to break the barriers and contest all 17 seats in the House of Assembly.

He said, “It would finally give the people of Saint Lucia, some form of representation that is not your usual UWP, SLP, because now you have three organizations in the House.”

Though the LPM office is headquartered in Gros Islet, and has been doing a lot of work in that particular constituency, the party has also been working on the ground in constituencies in the South.

Prudent said while the party is relatively young when compared to the two other major political parties, it has been gaining some momentum in various communities and is likely to continue growing.

LPM was only formed in August of 2010, and just after one year, contested the 2011 election.

Though they did not manage to win a seat, the party received 164 votes.


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  1. Would be interesting to have another party in the mix. My fear is, how easily it's influence might be bought !



    please give this P M of LPM some dry coconut.
    3 seats a well day dream St lucia will b ready 2 vote 4 only u in the year 5960.


  3. You make no sense!!!!!


  4. I dont blame you for dreaming.Keep on dreaming my friend.Good luck.


  5. LPM is UWP. prudent just waiting for his ambassador post.


  6. It sounds like what all partys promising before election. Soon as they are in power all is forgotten and the personal and power interest comes first.
    Long as a politician can not brought to court for false promises nothing will change.
    Anyhow i wish you good luck.


  7. This new party has the potential to do well, but there is a lot of work to be done in terms of structure and organization. Mr.Prudent, lots of people are expressing interest in supporting your party,however the necessary groundwork needs to be done.


  8. That's a start to defeating the status quo and i am with you all , all the way!


  9. I am all for it.
    But UWP (being a HATE party) will call Haiti for spiritual intervention. lol


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