LPM engages the youth of Micoud North

LPM engages the youth of Micoud North

As part of the ongoing efforts to actively engage the youths of the island and to help develop, promote and support their creative skills and talents, the Lucian People’s Movement has agreed to become the main sponsor for a knockout football championship in the community of Micoud North.

The championship, which has received wide support from a cross section of the Micoud North community, is being hailed by participants as a worthy initiative on the part of the LPM.

Eight teams are slated to participate. The order and dates of the matches are as follows:
Group A                                        Group B
1) Praslin                 vs                Micoud Hot Ice                  Feb 10
2) Grass Street        vs               Malgretoute                        Feb 11
3) Young Strikers   vs              4H Sports Club                   Feb 13
4) Lumbard             vs                   PYO                                     Feb 15

All matches are scheduled to be played at the Praslin field at 4:00 p.m., including the semifinals on February 17 and 20. The grand finals will be held on March 3, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. Mr. Martin Phulchere, the general secretary of the Lucian People’s Movement, along with Mr. Marvin Charles, the coordinator of the championship will present the trophy, medals, and other awards at the event.

The LPM has pledged to work closely with the Micoud North community and will do all in its power to partner with and advocate on behalf of its youths.


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  1. thank you LPM at least someone remembered the youth of icoud.we have produced lots of talents in sportsmanship and i know no matter what some may think most of us appreciate this effort .thank you to teh lpm


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