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LPM denounces economic blame game


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Therold Prudent – LPM Political leader

PRESS RELEASE – While Saint Lucians remain resilient as they endure the economic storm of high unemployment and rising prices, the United Workers Party (UWP) and the current St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government continue to use childish political tactics in their attempt to shift blame for which party has actually placed the country in enormous debt.

The leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, denounces the “blame game” approach of both parties, especially the futile dispute over Saint Lucia’s actual debt-to-GDP ratio, and questions whether this unproductive defensive behaviour may indicate that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may soon intervene in Saint Lucia’s disturbing fiscal situation.

According to the LPM leader, “I have always questioned the inconsistent methodology that governments use to measure true GDP value (current value of GDP) and, in our 2011 LPM manifesto, we made critical recommendations on how Saint Lucia should proceed consistently in this respect.”

In its manifesto, the LPM recommended that the budget process be boosted by holding an annual public debate on the “Estimates of Government Revenue and Expenditure” prior to the annual budget presentation, to give greater accountability and increase awareness regarding the tracking of previous financial allocations and new intentions to spend taxpayers’ money.

“An approach of that magnitude,” added Prudent, “is consistent with the democratic way of doing business and will serve as an official endorsement of public acceptance and resilience during these difficult times.”

Prudent further stated, “The bottom line is that our people need to know the truth, and when political leaders cannot get the facts straight on whether the debt-to-GDP ratio is 9 percent, 14 percent or 17 percent, all thoughts turn to  the misappropriation of government funds, bad accounting practices and the loss of public confidence in the national agenda.”

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  1. "Serious" ITS ALSO NOT GOOD FOR KENNY. You sound like Jadia who is a protector by any means.

    I also said the time will come when all real news about St. Lucia will only be gotten on the outside of St. Lucia. The politicians especially those in power now have engineered ways of keeping the public misinformed about anything in this country. Hence a Jack Grynberg, Rochamel, NCA, etc.
    Stop trying to defend something which cannot be defended or else you look stupid.

    • I can't agree with you more.
      It's a damn shame when some try to protect the certain politicans but are keen on descrediting others.
      In St Lucia a message is either good or bad depending on what side of the fence you are sitting.
      It's a damn shame that facts are not relevant even when it stirs at us like a full moon.

    • My bad Wam There. It's also not good for Kenny. By the way, for your information, neither Kenny nor Jadia is my friend. I think Jadia is acting too much like a yard fowl. I concur partly with your last paragraph (not the last sentence) and wish to add that the politicians also have what seems to be a well organized Committee of Misinformation!

      • A case of another crusader for Allen in disguise???
        Hate Kenny,dislike Prudent. Oh boy. LOL

        • I am not crusading for Chastanet. Don't hate Kenny. Don't hate Prudent. Sometimes they come both across as bluffers! I try to be objective. Do you?

  2. St.Lucia will always have this problem until the prime minister no longer holds the office of minister of finance.Get a proper finance minister.

  3. We are obsessed with party politics and as a result will refute factual information even before they are spoken just because it emanates from individuals outside the box. We prefer to absorb the propaganda which the party of choice feeds us. The man has revealed an effective way to assure accountability on every dollar our government spends. If we are made aware of the amounts that come into our coffers and what this amount is spent on , on a regular basis we are better able to keep tabs on our tax dollars and always aware of the balance. It's a good way to curb the bobol that is prevalent with politicians red , yellow or green. Nuff said.

  4. The blame game. Prudent says he is against it but, my foot, here he is doing exactly what he abhors. What hypocrisy and greed
    for power!

    • I doubt Prudent is obsessed with power. I remember him a long time ago when he was UWP.So I can tell you if this man was greedy about power he could have had it a long time ago when he was Compton's favourite boy and he Compton was boss over our island. You can say anything you want about the man, but hungry for power have never been what he is all about.
      Talk about being a donkey for flambeau that's how I remember him. In my view he has waited his time.

      • He could have changed from what you knew him. The urge for power comes with age. In any case he talks with the passion of a man in desperation. Don't you think?

        • The way things are going in the country I have no problem with any leader who believes he or she can do better. Sometimes we confuse love of country with desperation.

          • I share your concern. What is happening in the country scares me. I have no faith in the present leadership. A Talker who shows no sign of action scares me even more. The leader of LPM, Mr. Prudent, fall in this category. This is not love of contry. It's desperation for power. Don't you think so?

    • Serious
      You could have done yourself a big favour by dealing with the substance of Mr. Prudent's message than concerning yourself with trivial talk.
      Name me a politician in St Lucia who is not hungry about power. Let's start with Allen Chastanent and Kenny Anthony....


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