LPM: Dark clouds of social despair hovering over nation

LPM: Dark clouds of social despair hovering over nation

The Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) says National Security minister Senator Philip LaCorbiniere has been quick to jump on perceived personal attacks, but is apparently paralysed on more important citizen security issues.

“It is not good governance when ministers are seen to be more concerned about their individual personal interests than the interests of the country as a whole and its citizens,” LPM said in a statement.

The LPM pointed out that, according to their understanding of the situation, incidents like the recent death at the Micoud Police Station are taken into account by the US State Department in reviewing the Leahy Law restriction on security-related assistance.

“Saint Lucia is not going to see a resumption of US security aid unless and until the government addresses and is seen to address these issues,” LPM said.

“What has happened to the independent IMPACS investigation touted by Prime Minster Anthony? Dark clouds of social despair have been hovering over our nation like a pending hurricane since 1979 and there is a tremendous level of vulnerability that hovers over the personal safety and property of all law abiding citizens and visitors alike. Something must be done now.”

The LPM suggested that the commissioner of police should consider temporarily relocating the officers at the Micoud Police Station, in order to alleviate the suspicions of all concerned.

“This will also facilitate a greater level of transparency of the investigation, and allow the healing process to begin,” the party added.

“More importantly, while the ghost of labour is mesmerising the population, life seems normal for the cabinet of ministers and their acolytes.”


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  1. America is not our boss. But when geovernment officals are doing or treating human beings like dirt we interven thats the american way. we help people all over the world
    when disasters and man made. why take the us$ when yur family send it to u. looks like u love the in god we trust dollars but not the country.we r americans im who i m today bcz of this great country. like it or not.


  2. To Whom It May Concern

    I would appreciate if you would kindly let me know why you keep taking down my commentaries on here. I have noticed that on two occasions my comments have been deleted from your forum just because I may have said a few favourable things about the current government and been critical of a certain group of individuals masquerading as the best thing in St Lucia since bakes and cocoa tea.

    What sort of a forum is that? Does one have to tow a political line when commenting?I wrote a piece about the death of the young man from Micoud during the week and it did not last on your site for long - You took it down. Isn't this about free speech? I do not belong to any political party and I am non partisan. I am of Haitian and St Lucian origin and feel compelled to drop a few lines from time to time on here - But it looks like you do NOT appreciate what I have to say due to a certain political bias that you allude to. I will therefore cease to comment on your forum from now on. I am appalled to say the least about your sentiment towards me.
    I live in Europe and will continue to strive to make a meaningful contribution towards the development of both isles where I hail from.

    Wishing your blog all the very best for the future. I am out of there.

    Best Regards
    Malcolm L'Overture


  3. Americans are not our bosses, true but we all need guidance or rules that we should live by. But the bottom line is politicians in our country cannot be our boss since they spend our money and we still pay them. Whereas America has its own money so we beg them. We even beg our own politicians for concessions to get barrels from there. We beg them for assistance through USAID and for Security assistance not to mention in the wake of disasters. We even peg our currencies against the US. Remittances from our families in the US account for a great part of our GDP probably close to tourism. Its the most sought out for Destination in the world. Tell me have you ever gotten a barrel from China, Taiwan or Venezuela? Well seems to me we need the US more than I thought. Besides we always hold the US accountable to anything that we percieve to be wrong. What about holding rogue Nations accountable too. Simply that we should just accept that those other countries are just bad so we should just accept that? The US is not perfect but in an imperfect world we still need to strive for standards and proper ethics. Do you remember the story of Isreal in the bible why The Most HIgh used rogue nations to conquer Isreal so that they could be taught a lesson? Think about someone who has done something wrong. Don't you expect that one day that person will get their reward? Then think about who gives them the reward. Is it some holy person? No, it may just be someone just as bad or worse than him. THink about that.


  4. Wham there, you said that politicians are not our bosses and I agree, but you then said that the Americans are watching us...so are they our boss, methinks not. Americans can go watch themselves.




  6. For what the comment it worth it is the truth and it is well said. I don't have faith in politicians either but we need to do exactly that which is required in these circumstances. Relocation could never be an admission of guilt. Being narrow minded is a sin and we must always seek the message rather than seek to crucify the messenger. If not we will always be crucifying Jesus Christ and shooting the guy who shout "wolf" "wolf". If there is a perception or implication of any breach concerning any public officer, the administrator must send this person on leave whether paid or unpaid. This goes for every public officer until the investigations are complete. People don't be part of the problem by becoming more political than politicians.

    I also believe that alleged wrongdoings or ommissions by public officials such as politicians should be treated the same way. This would make them more accountable to the public for acts or omissions to act in the interest of citizens. Talk all you want but this is our country and our money. We just employed politicians to manage it. Therefore they are not our bosses and as such we may exercise our right to fire and discipline them as we please. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. And remember "the US is WATCHING us" and they will do our work for us if we act like scared chickens holding fraigle eggs. So come on Lucians "discipline" or "be disciplined"


  7. Why would the Commissioner relocate all the Police officers in Micoud based on a suspicion by family members. An investigation should be done but the commissioner shouldn't take any action that may look like an admission of guilt by the force. What if they did nothing. The only reason he would re-assign the officers is if them being there could hinder the investigation or encourage public unrest


    • It's for the same reason the LPM is questioning the PM's so called IMPACS investigation. Can someone tell us what is going on with that? Then you have the poor chap in Micoud.

      In what serious country does the police investiage itself? Those that make sense to you?

      I have worked in law enforcement in the UK and never for once would I agree that a temp relocation of officers is an admission of guilt. I think some of you need to grow up out of your ignorance.


      • I agree that there should be an independent investigation. But what would relocating the all the officers in the Micoud police station accomplish?


        • Jay

          I don't think that some of these people have ever heard about ADMINSTRATIVE LEAVE OR THE REASSIGNMENT OF DUTIES during an active investigation. The LPM party to me hit the nail on the head.


  8. As much as I love to read the LPM's regular braying, I also see them as politicians within their own league. Politicians, YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COUNTRY!


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