LPM criticises government’s economic programme

LPM criticises government’s economic programme

The small opposition Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) has cautioned St. Lucians to temper their excitement over the government’s latest plans to combat rising unemployment pending tangible proof that the strategy can prove effective.

In terms of formulating a worthwhile policy aimed at wooing foreign investors, the LPM affirms that the presentation of the Tourism Stimulus and Investment Bill in the House of Assembly last week was perhaps the most significant step taken by the government to combat the scourge of unemployment in its two-and-a-half years in office.

However LPM Leader Therold Prudent says while this initiative is one of many that could be employed to boost the prospects of positive economic activity, St. Lucians should employ a wait and see approach to ensure its effectiveness, based on the record of the Anthony administration.

“We can point to a number of historical instances in which Dr. Anthony has made similar pronouncements which promised much, but, yielded little in terms of improving St. Lucia’s economic outlook and thus reducing the rate of unemployment in the country.

“A case in point, is the disappointing 2007 Cricket World Cup, which bore the seal of approval of the Anthony Government and to which enormous financial resources were allocated.

“The grab bag of incentives for foreign investors and the banks included exemptions on a percentage of the quantum for tax purposes for institutions that finance hotel construction, an increase in the Tax Holiday to 20 years, and a relief on the normally sacrosanct Property Tax, Vendor’s Tax and Alien Landholding License.”

Prudent said government also offered the fast-tracking of the permitting process from ground-breaking to construction, and an investment tax credit equivalent to the percentage of the initial capital expenditure.

However, he said in spite of all of this, the results proved that Prime Minister Anthony has presided over a series of Labour administration blunders from 1996 to 2006 and from 2011 to the present, which has failed miserably to convince foreign investors that St Lucia is the right fit for them.

Moreover, he said a closer examination of his performance in government proves that Prime Minister Anthony enjoys repackaging old ideas from his 2004 budget, among others, even if the results have proven to be less attractive than the policies, which are often crafted on paper and proudly presented as “revolutionary” ideas at the various sittings of parliament.

The LPM further argues that a substantial portion of the economic roadblocks which Dr. Anthony continues to experience, stems primarily from his insistence on applying political measures to what is an economic problem.

“Another case in point is the Construction Stimulus Package, which was essentially a grand political ploy to detract from the government’s inability to seriously address the issue of unemployment in St. Lucia.”


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  1. Mr Prudent has not really offered any alternatives to the present economic crash course that is now being perpetuated. He has only highlighted the incompetence of Dr. Anthony to deal with the situation.

    In any event it is not his job to arrive at solutions it is the job of whoever is in office. All Mr Prudent, Chastanet and others can do is to respond to and have an opinion on issues as they arise. If saked for help i am sure that they would volunteer their services. unlike Dr. Anthony who declined the offer when contacted by the Last PM King. It is a worrying trend for Dr. Anthony though who tend to be too political in his handling of issues. I do think that the period when the country was faced with having an alliance was a great opportunity missed. This was mainly due to Dr. Anthony deciding to go it alone to a disasterous end. This approach has further contibuted to the division among the people and thereby contributing to a dispersed approach to fixing the economy as other feel being marginalized and victimized in some cases.


    • Bravo!!!
      The job of these two opposition partys is not to govern but to highlight the stupidity of this government. This is why the SLP is called the Govern---ment. The last I know neither Prudent nor Chastanet are wearing the crown of Prime Minister of SLU.
      If Kenny wants to have the entire country all to himself and don't care for the input of the other parties then he should be left to choke on his own stupidity.


  2. As far as I am concerned Mr. Prudent makes much more sense than a lot of those makacs we have in the house. Some of them fellas only claim to importance is running on an established party where their supporters are willing to vote for a broom. When was the last time any of them spoke intelligently on any issue. A lot of good for nothing politicians who can't even have a real conversation about the country. The only thing they feed us is rubbish about each other's personal lives.


  3. What a raft of extremely irrefutably brilliant and proven alternatives Mr. Prudent has offered. He should be awarded a Nobel prize for his home economics sophistication.


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