LPM congratulates Venezuelan opposition and chides Dr. Anthony

LPM congratulates Venezuelan opposition and chides Dr. Anthony
Therold Prudent

TheroldPrudentPRESS RELEASE – Leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has congratulated Venezuela’s opposition party on its sweeping victory in last Sunday’s congressional elections.

Mr. Prudent states that perseverance is always the key and that after almost 17 years of political persecution, victimisation, and the imprisonment of its leadership by the ruling socialist government, the determination of the people to free themselves from a government which refused to respect their rights to challenge and protest against the poor management of their country has prevailed.

The crushing defeat served to President Maduro’s government in the just-concluded congressional elections also has very serious consequences for states such as Saint Lucia (led by Dr. Kenny Anthony), which has repeatedly sided with Venezuela’s government while ignoring the plight of its opposition and its rising popularity.

The LPM notes that the opposition will now be able to control the very budget from which Maduro’s government lavishly offered aid to impoverished nations in the Caribbean and Latin America while barely being able to feed its own people and that this should be a source of concern to the benefactors of Alba and PetroCaribe.

Finally, the LPM stands vindicated in its long-standing admonishment to Dr. Anthony that caution should be exercised against a long-term dependence on Alba and PetroCaribe in alleviating our nation’s socioeconomic problems. Moreover, Dr. Anthony’s insistence on placing greater emphasis on establishing a political alliance with Maduro’s party than respecting the rules of diplomacy which forbid us as a nation from interfering in the internal politics of other nations has not served us well.

The LPM believed then, and continues to believe today, that our government must be honest with the people of Saint Lucia by explaining that the future of Alba and PetroCaribe remains perilous due to the growing resistance to these welfare initiatives within Venezuela itself.

Therefore, given the fact that the future of Alba and PetroCaribe is contingent upon the current government of Venezuela holding on to power, Saint Lucia must have a contingency plan in place in the event that the people’s revolution which took root last night comes full circle and vanquishes the vestiges of Maduro’s socialist rule at the next presidential election.


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  1. Is the contract with Venezuela a unilateral or bilateral agreement? If unilateral we do not owe them jack. If it b is bilateral we have not been told our end of the bargain. Please reveal to me what is going on. The people need to know. Same as with the Saudi guy, what's our deal, being lab rats?


  2. You speak too fast. Lets see if they can actually do a better job without giving the country away to foreign big business.


  3. I am tempted to residence in order to give you my vote because you are always worth my time. Well said Mr Prudent.


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