LPM concern about low wages paid to security guards

Melanius Alphonse.

PRESS RELEASE – If protecting property and lives is the rationale for posting security guards at both private and public businesses throughout the island, then the time has come to offer fair and adequate compensation to these individuals.

This call comes from Melanius Alphonse of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), who laments the extremely low wages paid to workers operating within the security industry.

He adds that while the compensation offered to security guards lags behind that of most other employees in the country, there seems to be a lack of economic sense on the part of employers, who are currently oblivious to the fact that these men and women are unable to feed themselves and their families on such low wages.

According to Alphonse, “In this dangerous environment in which an increase in armed robberies and break-ins is occurring throughout the island, you cannot ask people to risk their lives to protect business and property and then turn around and offer them EC$5.00 an hour for compensation. There must be an immediate review of the pay structure for security guards to bring it on par with that of most workers in the nation.”

Alphonse has called upon the government of Saint Lucia to hasten the delivery of its 2011 electoral promises, which were supposed to make life better for all citizens. He states that until the government of Saint Lucia comes to its senses and accepts that the promises made have remained largely unfulfilled, there can be no relief for the workers of this country.


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  1. It's been more than 4 years since I have had direct debate with the leadership of the LPM about direct engagement with the people of St. Lucia for securing real progress in the pursuit of active citizenship from a critical mass of voters.

    Primary to that initiative is a stance by the LPM in adopting a political attitude 180 degrees from what we have endured from the UWP & SLP, where political parties have usurped the power and will of the people for their own selfish aims, and those who have paid for their election campaigns.

    From the citizenry, the LPM should seek solid consensus on the paramount priorities of the nation; and the LPM should humbly beg the citizens for a chance at stewardship of the national endeavours - their failure to successfully implement the people's direct agenda would suffer them the pain of recall by referendum after 2 years.

    Currently, the cherry-picking of issues, and dwelling thereon, by the LPM's mouth-pieces in various media organs, is nothing more than "business-as-usual" empty promises by political parties eager to have their turn at the public trough!


    • It 's the job of a alternative political organization to keep the incumbent party accountable. I'm happy LPM have provided us a choice separate to two parties that have failed us for the last 60 years, i say to LPM go for it boys. What's wrong with that.


  2. Security workers are paid low wages in this country,they work 12-13hours with sometimes one(1) day off a week,what is the so call government doing about this??not a damn thing.I am a security officer and my salary is just ridiculous,from hand to mouth.there are even companies who pay a mizzy $3.50 an hour ....with salaries like this tell me will crime ever stop!!


    • As long as we have a government that says one thing and turns a blind eye to the reality things are won't get better in St Lucia


  3. Often the security guards are tempted to perpertrate of facilitate robberies due to their low wages. It's so unfair to know that high-level govt appointees are paid all sorts of allowances that they can comfortably live without, while others suffer. Yet govt wants too cut cut wages and have public servants pay for their neglegence over the years: both Labour and Flambeau!!!!!!


  4. The owners of security firms are collecting huge payment for the service rendered by these security officer yet pay them little. Their lives are not in damage, they're home with their families eating lobsters while tje securities eat bread and cheese


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