LPM calls for greater political maturity in the country

LPM calls for greater political maturity in the country

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) says it is pitiful to observe the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and United Workers Party (UWP) wrangle over who made the most ministerial appointments during respective years in office.

According to LPM Leader Therold Prudent, the fact is, these two political organisations, which have dominated the political landscape of Saint Lucia for the last 60 years, are no different from each other whenever they are in power.

The only significant difference that has continued to exist between the two only occurs whenever they are forced to relinquish power, and then suddenly there is this metamorphosis or chameleon like-behavior that deludes them into believing that overnight they have become the champions of the people, and the only “credible” voice of fiscal prudence and management in the country.

History, Prudent contended, has proven that both the UWP and SLP have mercilessly inflated Saint Lucia’s national debt crisis while in office, and have always employed a system of cronyism that is a blatant departure from what they preached while in opposition.

The lesson for the people, the LPM Leader suggested, is not necessarily to take sides in these self-serving political arguments, but to realise that whenever a voter goes to the polls and votes for the SLP or UWP, he or she is essentially voting to keep in place a status quo system of musical chairs, and confirming a long-term guarantee that these two political organisations will always seek to provide jobs for only a select few within their inner circles.

“It is now up to the rest of Saint Lucians to recognise the hypocrisy that exists within our unfair system of governance and politics, and act in a responsible way, to guarantee that the outcome of the next general election will be a better one, where not just a few, but every single Saint Lucian is guaranteed opportunities for self empowerment within his or her own country,” Prudent said.

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