LPM calls for assertive law enforcement and anti-crime measures

By SNO Staff


Following several homicides on Sunday, some of which are believed to be gang related, the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) is calling for the immediate implementation of specific and assertive law enforcement and anti-crime measures by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Political leader of the LPM Therold Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday that in order to deal with the issue of murder and/or gang warfare in the specific communities in which they are happening, there is need for better policing in these areas to the point where entry and exit is restricted and scrutinised.

He said metal detectors and drug sniffer dogs could also be used in these operations, in order to prevent and discourage the movement of firearms and narcotics, and to confine and contain the violence within a manageable area until each area could be considered effectively crime free.

“Prepare for the migration of the criminal element to other areas once these hotspots are isolated and contained, and identify the key players and follow and contain them wherever they go, so that anywhere a territory is claimed and similar criminality erupts, the same techniques be employed again to suppress and diffuse, with the goal of creating overlapping crime free zones until the entire nation is crime free,” Prudent added.

The LPM leader is also recommending that the RSLPF pay special attention to the flow of guns into the country by monitoring and controlling all vessels and water craft attempting to approach these shores.

“Landings should be restricted to registered ports complete with customs officials to police what is being brought into the country. No craft should be allowed to traverse open water and then come ashore without first being inspected for contraband,” he asserted.

But more importantly, Prudent said there is need to implement a zero tolerance policy on the possession of illegal handguns, with the creation of a gun court in which all offenders could be quickly tried and sentenced if convicted.

“Strip all inbound cargo containers for detailed inspection of the contents as an essential effort in stopping the flow of guns and drugs into the country. And provide incentives to business and public transportation vehicle owners to install surveillance cameras.”

The LPM leader said that his party acknowledges that many of the foregoing points may be considered draconian but they believe that “desperate times call for desperate measures to fix the mess that Saint Lucia is currently in.”

“The people of Saint Lucia must not suffer any longer as a result of the habitual placing of narrow partisan interests over what is best for our country. The nation must be inspired by decisive and effective action, along with the creation of a national consensus free of partisan rancour aimed at dealing once and for all with Saint Lucia’s worsening problems.”

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  1. Saint Lucia shouldn't have been in a mess in the first place we always sit back and wait for things to get out of hand then try and figure a way to make things right, just don't sit back. Police men have things to easy that's why they will never do they job I mean think about it. If they do their jobs they get paid if they don't they still get paid, obviously they won't do their jobs. They don't do their jobs so much when the time comes to do the job they don't even do it right because they barely got any experience.

    • Amen to that. I have been calling the Police on a noise complaint for months. Man still comes to make noise under my window. We have laws on the books for everything and Police have the right to fine that individual. Enforcement is the problem. Cops get the same salary irrespective of the shitty service they provide. Same with all public service personnel for that matter politicians included. Unless those people are held accountable by firings then there will never be a solution.

  2. Like restore confidence?

  3. You've made me very proud Mr Prudent. I am happy to have known you as. a former school mate.
    Always knew you would be true to yourself and country.
    Bravo !

  4. move them to other areas chpz is better yall put all of them on rat island with centipedes

  5. Too many su tu ez on island. They cover up for the criminals but are quick to find faults in the police. The same su tu ez find no faults in their party of choice and so the more things change, the more they remain the same. Prudent is on point.

  6. I can't believe for the life of me, we are just in the 9th day of the month of January 2017 and so much blood have been shared on our island, we need a miracle to sloved these problems so much bloodbath over stupidity a look, a color hand signs turf wars, community wars lord we are heading down a path where all young men between the ages of 17- 45 will all be killed on island. Only God can fix St.Lucia.

    • Instead of being such a menace on the locals and visitors, I wish that they would get together and have a mid-day shoot out. We can then bury all those useless POS in one place. We need undercover policing.

      • I agree. Let all of them die in one day and let us have peace going forward. Police could also round them up and make them disappear silently. We need someone like Philippines president to clean this up. Chastanet nor Kenny have the balls to do it.

  7. LPM, right now you are our only hope; the only one with a vision for immediate tackling of crime.

  8. Very positive vibes lpm. Hats off to you all

  9. LPM ..........................The only flicker of hope left in St. Lucia politically. However we seem to be stuck with these two bags of watermelons called the SLP and UWP. Aren't we intelligent enough as a people to realized that there will be no change; no new dawn for this island if we keep recycling the same old faces over and over again. UWP and SLP, one is just a shadow of the other. Mr. Prudent is a man with a great deal of potential but, St. Lucians prefer to be entertained by empty vessels who do what they know best."MAKE NOISE!"


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