LPM blames Saint Lucian Government for emboldening Vladimir Putin

LPM blames Saint Lucian Government for emboldening Vladimir Putin
LPM Leader Therold Prudent.
LPM Leader Therold Prudent.

PRESS RELEASE – The announcement last week that Russian aircraft will begin patrolling over the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean in a show of military might is bound to be seen by the United States (US) and its Western allies as a direct act of provocation, which is greatly disconcerting to those of us who desire peace and tranquility in the region.

Moreover, the very thought that our government’s careless actions at the United Nations (UN) last spring may have served to embolden Vladimir Putin’s grand ambition for military expansion and consequently lit a match for the resumption of Cold War activities throughout the world, and the Caribbean region in particular, says a great deal about how desperate the region has become for Russian aid and investment, even if these are tainted with evil intentions.

Therefore, in light of the latest development, which seeks to destabilise the world and the region, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) calls upon Dr Kenny Anthony and his government to offer an apology to the Saint Lucian people for conducting a misguided foreign policy, which has grossly miscalculated the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the LPM, had the Saint Lucia Labour government taken the time to carefully consider the question put before our country at the UN, it would have opted to vote alongside the US to condemn Russian aggression towards its neighbours and affirm the territorial integrity of Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea.

The vote, which was introduced in the UN by the aggrieved government of Ukraine and backed by the US and most of its Western allies, was dismissed as insignificant by Saint Lucia’s Foreign Minister Alva Baptiste, who sought to belittle the LPM for taking the government of Saint Lucia to task over its decision to accede to Russian pressure to abstain from voting in exchange for foreign aid and investment.

Back then, the LPM leader, Therold Prudent, had argued that, while Saint Lucia in its capacity as a sovereign state is not required to vote with the US on every issue, there was absolutely no reason in this instance to buck its traditional ally (the US) in favour of Russian mischief and the country’s apparent desire for mass territorial expansion.

In offering a further rationale for why the Saint Lucian government should have voted alongside the US on the issue of Crimea, Prudent pointed out that the US is the only nation on the face of the earth to have such a large concentration of expatriate Saint Lucians, all of whom migrated there in search of educational and economic opportunities.

Therefore, the adoption of a diplomatic posture that tacitly dismisses the significance of the American relationship and the invaluable contribution it makes in supporting our local economy requires our government to explain why it is suddenly wary of its association with America on the world stage, Prudent maintained.

Prudent added that, while it is true that the end of the Cold War has significantly reduced US aid to the island, it is imperative for our nation to make a strategic diplomatic adjustment to better accommodate our continued development.

One fact remains: The world is still a very dangerous place for small nations that are desirous of exploring new relationships with governments that do not conform to the rules of international law.

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  1. is it ok for USA to patrol the Caribbean waters? it's all propaganda that Russia will be doing the same, let us not forget that Ukraine has a lot of Nazi, Racist sentiment the Jackboot and goose stepping is still part of their history since the second World war.


  2. Mr. Prudent had you only do some research America's foreign policy you would have known that America doesn't have friends they only have interests.

    America supported the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Egypt to install a dictator who have imprisoned and executed thousands.

    America also engineered the kidnapping and overthrow of Aristide in Haiti.

    America was the chief architect of the downfall of our banana industry.

    Furthermore the export of America's culture to the Caribbean through television and arts have further destabilize our region.

    We might be small in geographical space but we should never be small in thoughts or too timid to make our independent contributions on the world stag


    • Next week I am going to Bim to apply for a US visa because things too hard in the country. I sure have no intentions of heading to Moscow. All those that want to live in Moscow can board a plan to defend Russia.


    • What is Prudent saying have to do with all of the nonsense you have written up there?
      The man's argument is about St Lucia government bowing to Russian pressure to deny another country its right of existence because of nasty money. Now you don't have to support the man party to agree with what he is say. commonsence would tell you that by St Lucia government connecting with russia behind the curtains to cuase harm to another country is not right.


  3. Grow some "balls" man.
    Isn't that the same USA who coerced the destruction of our Banana exporting industry?

    When are you going to chastise the USA for destroying and destabilizing countries and governments around the world?

    Prudent, stop being a coward of convenience when it suits you. 🙂


    • Why don't you say that to Kenny. Atleast Prudent has proven that he has nerves of steel and can stand on his own and say what's on his mine.
      How many of us that's talking sh.t can form their own party and don't care about what any of the hacks have to say?

      Can Kenny ever grow a sizable balls to tell the Americans his true intentions? Why don't he tell them he prefers to deal with Putin than with them. Sacway Coward.


  4. Nudge my man, nice to see you're still in good form. It was a pleasure reading your bit which is right in line with my thinking. Here in Canada we have a Jackass P.M. who can't keep his jaw shut on matters of international politics, always siding with other right wing nuts like the one in Australia and others, vying for Ukrainian votes at home. (and there are Tons of them extreme right wing nuts all over this Country). One needs to read about the Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators during the second world war, and they haven't gone away, and are growing steadily, with the German Chancellor wasting no time in visiting Kiev after the plane was shot down.


    • Good to hear from you again, Cicero! Sorry that your pols are so reactionary - but you cannot blame Diebold machines for your election results; the level of citizenship currently obtained in Canada achieved commensurate representation!

      The party hacks could not deal with me derailing their propaganda with truth, so they took down the Lucian Talk forum. But, as you see, LaJahBless still has not sought medical help to resolve his delusions of grandeur, and still expects to elbow his way to the public trough, if St. Lucians decide to add one more to the two parasitic political parties they have endured thus far. The many lies and disinformation which interlaced his article, above, are unsurprisingly more pathetic and desperate.

      No matter how much I tried, LaJahBless just could not understand that St. Lucia does not need another king and his court; we need humble, able servants to manage projects successfully for the common good of all St. Lucians, not to line the pockets of career political leeches.

      Did you see the latest one? Privatization of Hewanorra Airport: It is a measure of how unqualified our politicians for stewardship roles.

      When is it finally going to seep into the minds of our citizens that the whole purpose of a democratically-elected government is to manage the collective resources of the state for public good; not to imbue power in any one individual or group. That St. Lucians endorse this nonsense every 5 years shows a grossly poor individual, as well as national self-image!


  5. Some of us so blind always politics politics politics wat the guy said is so true wat interest does Russia have to patrol the gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean than provocation


    • The first time I saw the comments I knew it was politics that was driving those blind bats. Mr Prudent is only only right he has explained the process more than any other person in the SLP can. Bravo my brother!







    • The same interest which the US has for patrolling the Black Sea with ships like the USS Donald Cook:



      • Okay, lets set the whole damn world on fire because of idiots like you. Lets have war over the caribbean skies because of stupid thinking. Yeah fool


  6. LaJahBless (Prudent's handle on Lucian Talk),

    Thanks for the early morning laughs, but you're out of uniform! Where is your clown nose?

    Let's analyze your unfunny performance:

    Nobody does "show of military might" more than the US with its military bases covering the entire globe, while its heavily-militarized police forces terrorize blacks and latinos across the US.

    When you say "direct act of provocation", I take it you meant the push by the US/NATO eastward to the Russian border (after promising not to do so), when the 'Iron Curtain' came down; the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Ukraine by US-funded neo-Nazis, the genocide against Ukrainian citizens who still saw themselves as Russians; and the downing of MH-17 by warplanes flown by the neo-Nazis.

    Your lack of supporting evidence in touting "Vladimir Putin’s grand ambition for military expansion and consequently lit a match for the resumption of Cold War" makes me believe that you are recipient of pillow-talk (and all it entails) from Putin.

    You are also the only person on this earth to be aware of "the conflict between Russia and Ukraine". When did this happen? Do you mean, instead, the one-sided violent conflict between the neo-Nazis of the Kiev region and Ukrainians who did not support their violent ‘putsch’?

    This "annexation of Crimea". I take it you are talking about Ukrainian citizens voting (a peaceful & democratic process) to secede from the country whose democratically-elected government had just been violently overthrown by neo-Nazis, funded by the US.

    Surely you mean St. Lucia resisted US pressure to remain a US lapdog, just like NATO countries, instead of "accede to Russian pressure", as you mis-typed.

    Another typing error you made, "...buck its traditional ally (the US) in favour of Russian mischief and the country’s apparent desire for mass territorial expansion." What you wanted was for St. Lucia to go with tradition and embrace the immorality of siding with a the world's most belligerent empire ever - a status based on genocide of natives and brutal slavery of Africans; and now, the threat of violent punishment of weak countries (economic sanctions for anyone the US dares not match, militarily), all over the globe, for anyone who will not genuflect before its naked aggression (the emperor has no clothes).

    Why should the fact that "a large concentration of expatriate Saint Lucians, all of whom migrated there in search of educational and economic opportunities", be a reason why native people of the Crimean region should subject themselves to being massacred by neo-Nazis from Kiev?

    Is your phrase "supporting our local economy" your euphemism for maintaining St. Lucia's mendicant status till you can somehow manage to fool St. Lucians into putting you in charge of their "begging bowl", to replace Kenny as “keeper of the pig trough” where all incomings (bribes) are stored?

    "Relationships with governments that do not conform to the rules of international law": When I mention, "starting wars under false pretext", "use of torture", "use of depleted uranium weapons in civilian areas", "use of drone attacks to terrorize and kill innocent civilians", "sanctioned killing of black and brown peoples at home and abroad", which government and country comes to mind, first?

    I must say that if you spent 5 minutes trying to find supporting evidence for your diatribe, you would have saved yourself from heaping ridicule upon yourself. You should have taken heed to that adage: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".


    • Nudge I wish you would write in English Jesus it's searching for the meaning of the words which you write ,now I will be as basic as I can firstly America don't own the skies and the skies is free for anyone to fly , what I have notice through times is that we have a set of LICK BOTTOM AFRICANS in this little island , tell me something Nudge in you life time have you ever seen or witnessed a St Lucian police pulling over any white man and charging him or her for not wearing a seat belt ? Don't you find it funny ? This little island is remotely controlled by the English and American wtf is Kenny he could not manage to tie his shoe lace with out the permission of the WHITES so I am now looking at the LPM slender as another LICK BOOTOM AFRICAN ,I stand to be corrected please educate me bro as I am all ears


      • Pan kaiso,

        Perhaps you are so used to reading lies alone, that when the truth is written, it looks like a language other than English.

        Please identify the words which don't look English, so I can help you understand the truth.


  7. I doubt the LPM is seeking validation from supporters of the SLP. I may not agree with everything they say but they are proving to be a torn in the side of SLP supporters.


  8. The Mad Cow says "I am mad but Prudent MADDER". I suppose Kenny was or is the one to have caused EBOLA . . . uhhh, I think he did!


  9. Wow!! Bold - intelligent and articlulate. Teach them a thing or two about how to behave on the world stage


  10. When oh when will persons stop being fooled by the capitalist rhetoric and right wing propaganda put out by the USA and their friends. Saint Lucia has no reason to take sides in this dispute so we were right to abstain. As for the USA being our friends...look at what they did to our banana industry.