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LPM asked to state purpose of planned protest; Prudent upset with other requests

By SNO Staff

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Left to right: LPM Leader Therold Prudent and Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander.

Left to right: LPM Leader Therold Prudent and Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander.

The Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) has been asked by the police to state the purpose of the party’s planned protest march, which is due to take place on October 8.

Leader of the LPM Therold Prudent said his party received a letter from the Office of the Commissioner of Police signed by the acting top cop Errol Alexander, asking to state the purpose of the activity.

Prudent said the letter also highlighted that the name or names of the persons staging the activity were not mentioned, nor were the point of departure and conclusion.

But the LPM leader said the party letter requesting permission for the march did clearly state these plans.

While admitting that LPM did not mention the purpose for the march, Prudent said he believes it was disrespectful for the acting top cop to raise questions about the organisers.

He asserted that letter of request was bearing LPM’s letterhead and signed by the LPM chairman.

The political leader said the police commissioner cannot “pretend” that he is not aware of the LPM, stating that the party is registered with the Electoral Commission and has an assigned political symbol.

The top cop has also requested an estimate of how many persons would attend the march, which in Prudent’s view is even more ridiculous, given that the protest march can attract any number of people.

Prudent said the LPM plans to respond to the commissioner, only to state the purpose of the protest march.

He said he sees this as a means of trying to thwart the process of undertaking a peaceful protest march.

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  1. That is just old plain harassment of minority parties by those in authority. The fingerprints of the SLP are all over this one.
    There is no denying it. So don't even bother to try.
    Tell them to come out and be transparent on this one too. Des banne

  2. The acting commissioner is only doing his job, I don't see the problem. Of course a ball park figure of the number of protesters is needed for security purposes. Wherever there's a huge gathering, things can sometimes spiral out of control in a jiffy. I think it's essential that the acting commissioner have an idea as to what to expect crowd-wise, so they can put in place a security plan accordingly.

  3. This acting commissioner is the biggest idiot i have come across. The guy is clueless and i know what i am talking about. Wont expose him jut yet

  4. In any democracy it is a farce for people to ask for permission to protest. In real democracies once people make their intentions known, in the public or otherwise they go about their business to protest. This idea of giving permission to protest all stems out from the oppressive system itself that the people were combating, where civil rights activists and black people in America had to ask the white man for permission to protest.

    What if one man decides to protest with his placard in front of the government buildings? What if he is joined by another and another until the number reaches the thousands? Is that an illegal march? This same system of permission has rendered itself idiotic since one can in no way assume how many people will attend, especially marches which are public. The police should know in any public gathering it should be assumed that the whole of St. Lucia will be there, so make plans for this eventuality. What if Prudent estimates 2000 and the actual number becomes 10000? It then becomes an illegal march anyway because permission was granted for 2000. This is how this system is set up so a march can be declared illegal at the whim and fancy of the any sitting government. In other countries where such tyrannical oppression is practiced many rights leaders have gone to jail for this convenient interpretation of the law.

    Lucians if we want to progress why do we practice such oppressive tyranny against each other? Is it because Masa would be proud of you and give you a bone? Why do we want to have so much power over people living on a rock of about 238 sq miles? Are we obsessed with making others look bad? Its like if a slave ship was to reappear on the horizon and slavery came back into this realm we would all be quick to sell our brothers back into it. Then again, are we not doing just that, in light of the fact that ours is not a slavery with white men but one with light skinned men and black men with huge egos? Why would devout followers of these cults seek to crucify the others at the command of self righteous egotistical maniacs, while they brand youths as being gangs? Is that what we call democracy which would lead to progress since Mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse?

    Bad leadership is not there to be repeated but to be studied so that such an occurance never happens again. This is the same as this oppressive law which was instituted by one oppressor against his rivals, now the rivals uses it to oppress the original oppressor. Both not realizing that it is a new day where thousands have died and thousands have been born and are not part of this hellish fiasco. Our babies and their future are erased by these antagonists in order to perpetuate a mental slavery which we know not where it came from.

    Off we those remnants of the feudal system! We the youth are planning our own future and you with your toothless jaws are not included.

  5. Stop the crap and stop that Layba & UWP sh*t. Here is the city of Syracuse, New York permit.

    PERMIT #_______________
    Requesting Organization: Name of Applicant/Representative
    Address: Address:
    Phone Business: Phone Business:
    Phone Home: Phone Home:
    E-mail E-mail
    Date of Application: __________________Reason/ Purpose of Application: ___________________________________
    Formation location: ___________________________ ____ Dispersal location: ______________________________
    Day/Date: __________________________________ Start Time: _______________ Finish Time: _________________
    Parade Route: ____________________________________________________________________________________
    Continued __________________________________________________________ Sound System: YES ____ NO ____
    Estimated Number of Participants: ______________ # of Motor Vehicles (See requirements on reverse): ____ _______
    Explain the Public Assembly (concert, protest, demonstration etc)___________________________________________
    Date(s) of Assembly: ________________________ Start Time: _______________ Finish Time: __________________
    ________________________ ______________ __________________
    ________________________ ______________ __________________
    Location(s) of
    Assembly: _________________________________________________ Expected # of Participants: __________
    _________________________________________________ Estimated Maximum # __________
    _________________________________________________ Estimated Minimum # __________
    Sound System: YES ____ NO ____ Speakers, names: ___________________________________________________
    Date of Issuance ______________________________________________
    Special Events Section C. O. _____________________________________
    Uniform Bureau Deputy Chief_____________________________________
    ******* Police Stipulations ____________ if checked see attached sheet
    Applicant/Authorized Representative, please be advised that the Syracuse Police Department does not
    provide police services free of charge for Parades/Public Assembly’s where officers have to be brought in to
    cover the event. There will not be a charge for Police services when the Department determines that based on
    the size or type of event, routine patrol functions are sufficient. The Special Events Section will review the
    Police deployment and associated costs with the applicant (via telephone or face to face meeting) before the
    permit is issued.
    The expense for each Officer will be based on the current hourly overtime rate. The number of officers
    assigned to an event will be determined by the Police Department taking into consideration the type of event,
    location of event, alcohol being served, the number of participants and the level of street usage approved for
    the event. The event organizer will be required to reimburse the Syracuse Police Department for Police
    deployment associated with the event within 30 days of receiving the invoice for services rendered.
    The Syracuse Police Department shall determine if the Parade/Assembly requires the closure of the entire
    street, ½ the street or no closure of the street. Participants may be directed to use the sidewalk, based on the
    day of the week, time of day, and participant’s safety.
    Two events will not be allowed to use the same route/assembly location without written permission
    of both requesting organizations and the approval of the Syracuse Police Department.
    Any motor vehicle participating in the any parade or public assembly must meet all New York State
    Vehicle & Traffic rules & regulations including valid registration, current insurance coverage, current NYS
    Inspection and the vehicle must be operated by a driver licensed to operate the type of motor vehicle
    involved. Proof of this requirement must be available for all vehicles and all drivers at the time of the event
    and must be produced if a Syracuse Police Officer so requests. Any motor vehicle or driver who does not
    have such proof on the day of the event will not be allowed to participate in the event.
    ***This permit can be revoked due to emergency conditions that may arise before or during the course
    of the event for which granted, or for violations of any of the following regulations.***
    1) The applicant should carry a copy of this permit on his/her person during the event and will be designated
    as the contact person available to Police Officers for the transmission of messages or directions to all persons
    participating or attending the event. If the applicant is not going to be on scene then another individual must
    carry the permit and make his position known to the Police Officers on scene.
    2) All persons participating in or attending the event shall obey the lawful commands of any Police Officer
    and shall conduct themselves in a lawful manner at all times.
    3) Parades/processions will proceed at a constant pace and shall not be stopped (unless agreed to in advance,
    with the Police) except upon direction of the Police.
    4) All sections/groups in a parade/procession shall remain in close proximity to each other and will not step
    out of line to perform independent maneuvers.
    5) The normal flow of traffic shall not be deterred except in instances where a Police Officer performs this
    6) If the actual number of participants exceeds the estimated maximum number of participants to the point
    where the Syracuse Police Department feels the assigned police coverage is not adequate to provide for a safe
    environment for the participants or the public in general , the Police Department can, at its discretion, delay or
    cancel the event if.
    Contact information:
    Name: ___________________________ Address:_______________________________________________
    Telephone Daytime: ____________________________Other Telephone: ____________________________
    E-mail __________________________________________________________________________________
    Signature: ______________________________________ Title: ____________________________________

  6. Mr Prudent you not acting in the manner your name suggest. Do not take the same road our so called established parties have assumed. Humbly yourself and just do what was asked. How would you feel if two police officers are assigned to the march and five thousand persons attend and there is some disturbance (God forbid). Do not be foolish. You start acting like the others making the police a political football. Shame on you bro. Strike one. Thought you wanted to change the politics of the day.

    • We so much don't like to read and jump to false conclusions. From what I have read here and elsewhere what I gather is that the LPM identified itself on letter head in the person of its chairman , yet the acting commissioner failed to acknowledge that and insist that they identify who they were. They also gave a precise point and end of march including date and time, still he disregarded that informing in the body of the letter. If I was in the place of the lpm I would have drawn the same conclusions that there are ulterior motives on the part of the acting police chief. Who would not draw that conclusion.

  7. Now that is kind of hilarious yet it is very serious. But if I was prudent my main pre occupation would be to make much of the publicity.

  8. why is it that the first thing these politicians do is run to the media? respond to the commissioner and if you're not granted the permit but are asked additional information which you believe are provided in your letter then by all means run to the media but you have not responded.

    Goes to show that you're just like the other parties. That's what you're making news?

    Next time put a copy of your letter online and allow us to be the judge of whether you provided sufficient information or whether the commissioner's requests were substantiated.


  9. The solution is rather simple.

    Prudent, as an organiser, should be in a position to know, or at least, have a target number of participants in mind.

    i would hate to believe that that he would embark upon such a project without first doing research into the customary level of public participation in such events.

    The COP has made a request which Prudent is or should be in a position to respond to; a range and not an absolute figure is required.

    If such a simple hurdle cannot be overcome then what makes Prudent believe he has what it takes to govern this country?

  10. I agree with Prudent. This is an attempt to frustrate. Now tell me with all the publicity this march is receiving what honest comissioner of police would be against an event which includes taking a stand against violent crine amd ao on. Choops on this man.

  11. That errol fella just want to play hard ball if the law states that if you going to have any activity that is suspected to host more than 200 people that you should seek permission from the commissioner why you asking the man how many people he expects to attend the March then it wouldn't make sense having that law. And it's a march so it's obvious more than two hundred could attend so I don't see the commissioner point, he just want to stall on the march for it not to happen

  12. Kenny little puppet at it JOB ON THE LINE SINGING FOR SUPPER

  13. Prudent, you are acting a bit silly, man. For public events, insurers, security personnel and any entity will seek that kind of information. How do I know that? I have done this sort of application at least 4 times...not in St. Lucia. Even though the organization is registered..gasson you must fill out the whole form. The authorities want a completed form in case the event end up in court. Comprendre?

  14. The comissioner have a right to ask these questions so they can organize themselves. However how will the party tell u how many people will be in attendance.

    • Just give the best estimate !! I would assume that it is an obligation of any organization whether political or social to furnish that kind of information to the police, so that they can mobilize the best course of action for security sake. When did we get so defiant ?


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