LPM applauds local government elections in Trinidad

LPM applauds local government elections in Trinidad

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) says the results of Monday’s local government elections in Trinidad and Tobago provide living proof of democracy at its best.

“In an enlightened age when most countries are moving towards embracing a transparent and progressive system that allows for greater participation of the people in the governance of their country, it is unconscionable that the Saint Lucia Labour Party government would show such reluctance to implementing the local government election process that would allow for the decentralisation of power,” the LPM said in a statement.

It said the people of Saint Lucia deserve the exact same rights as those that were afforded to the people of Trinidad and Tobago on Monday.

“No ruling party should be allowed to operate with impunity and without checks and balances for the entire duration of a five-year term. This is not healthy for democracy, and it’s not healthy for the progressive development of any country,” the LPM added.

“Democracy is a legitimate process that the government of Saint Lucia should consider restoring throughout the island, in order to revitalise communities and allow the voices of the Saint Lucian people to be heard at all levels of governance.”


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  1. LPM is right but with the government under performing and losing support, I don't think they would be incline to hold local government elections, ever.

    if the SLP try that they would humiliated at the polls.


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