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LPM accuses Chastanet of political immaturity

Hermisha Rolle, Staff Reporter

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Allen Chastanet

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has accused United Workers Party Leader Allen Chastanet of exhibiting political immaturity and has said he lacks the “acumen” to successfully hold the post of prime minister of Saint Lucia.

The LPM was speaking in relation to reports that Chastanet had taken offense with Opposition Leader Stephenson King’s decision to agree to attend a meeting with Prime Minister Kenny Anthony to discuss the impact of Christmas Eve trough.

According to media reports, Dr Anthony had requested to meet with King and other stakeholders to deliberate on the way forward to deal with the damage caused by the inclement weather.

But an article on Caribbean News Now states that Chastanet reportedly found fault with King opting not to consult with him before agreeing to attend.

It is understood that Chastanet has since written a letter of reprimand to King for that decision.

The LPM in a statement questioned Chastanet’s understanding of the roles of an opposition leader as opposed to a party leader.

The statement, which is an invited comment sent to Caribbean News Now, has been posted below:

“While generally the party has no interest in Chastanet’s ongoing attempts to secure absolute power for himself within the UWP, his latest behaviour points to a certain level of political immaturity, and of one who lacks the personal attributes or acumen to become prime minister of Saint Lucia.

“Clearly, his overambitious attempt to assert political authority over Mr Stephenson King, and to belittle his constitutional role as leader of the opposition, affirms our belief within the Lucian People’s Movement that Mr Chastanet is more interested in perpetuating further political division than embracing the concept of bi-partisanship which is so vital in lifting the country out of its current misery.

“Mr Stephenson King ‘s role as leader of the opposition should never be compromised to achieve political advantage for the UWP, especially in the aftermath of a dreadful rainstorm which has claimed lives, and deepened the country’s economic woes.

“Like other things in life, politics does have its place and time. Therefore, unless Kenny Anthony and his government resort to their former selves by proving that they are unworthy of national cooperation, we, the political parties that constitute the umbrella opposition to his government, must be willing to give the concept of national unity a chance to thrive.”

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  1. We forst need to understand that there is a clear difference between Opposition Leader and Leader of the Party. The House of Assembly does not recognize Political leaders, so when you are seated you are not speaking on behalf of the UWP but on behalf of the Opposition and that may sometimes be persons from more than one Party making up the Opposition. However in SLU case it has been either SLP or UWP. So while Mr. King is Opposition Leader he is also part of the UWP and an elected MP. It would be proper to meet with his Party Colleagues to discuss their views and put it forward when he attends the meeting. Its Good Political sense. Sometimes our Caribbean backyard politics really gets to me. Remember an Opposition is a Government in waiting

  2. King is leader of the opposition government, chastenet is leader of a political party,he holds no seat and therefore King does not have to answer to him in making decisions about country matters it would of proven disrepectful and politically motivated if King decided to boycott a meeting of governmental issues. And then we would have something to say about King.

  3. For those who think of Chastenet please ask yourself these question, In his campaign for a seat in Soufriere, Did he spend any of his money, Why did the government had to take him to court, Why his phone bill as former tourism minister was at $50.000.00. We can go on and on. Now its king time, He had no respect for king as prime minister, when he was tourism minister, nor his cabinet colleage. and whaat happen now.

  4. this current siituation proves my point that Mr chastnet is unable and is the wrong person to even think of leadding this nation. In my opinion, Alan chastnet is worse than Kenny Anthony. How Can u as an unelected party leader assume that u can impose yourself on the elected leader of the opposition for engaging in his constitutional duty to attend a parlimentary meeting 'as member of parliament' Mr Chastnet, a word of advise, the government is made up of the leader in the house and the opposition. Mr. King should be laughing at Chastnet right now. Maybe chastnet really believes King to be an ass. U are right Mr king and I hope u give chastnet and his goons a tongue lashing in their meeting. And they would be doing further damage to themselves by even thinking to move u as opposition leader. And u right wehave every reason to fear chastnet because his 'ars' ways will put this nation in more of a mess.

    • You are so right. many persons do not understand the distinctions in the roles of a leader of Parliamentary opposition and that of a leader of a political party. Most times the two roles would be carried out by the same person as the leader of the political party would most likely be an elected member of the house and would lead the opposition. In this case it is different as the political leader is not elected. The invitation was extended to Mr. King as he is part of the government as he is the leader of the Parliamentary opposition. That being said, if he wanted to, Mr. king could have consulted with Mr. Chastanet or anybody else but it is not mandatory. He was elected to lead by the elected opposition members in the house. If anyone would mandate that he consult Chastanet it would have been the other elected opposition members. Chastanet did expose his political immaturity by coming out to the public with this. He could have used his poodle to force King to meet with him. If he was a smart guy he would wash this in public and show off his political immaturity.

      • I am very surprised at the way you have looked at this situation, Mr. LPM. We, including Mr. Chastanet, knows that there is a difference between a leader of the opposition and the Leader of the Party. However, the leader of the Party has a responsibility which includes the other opposition members in parliament. If the other member of Parliament is disgruntled about a decision taken by their leader in Parliament, what is so wrong in bringing it to the attention of the Leader of the Party? No where on the letter did Mr, Chastanet state that the Leader of the opposition should not have attended the meeting. I believe that he was questoning the fact that Mr. King has never attended a Party meeting as leader of the opposition and did attend that meeting without consultation (not permission). As a leader, how would you feel. As a leader of a party are you saying that your representative (opposition Leader) would have the right to act with no regard for you? Don't you think that the Opposition Leader's input at that meeting you have been more productive for the country, if he had somehow involve at least the other opposition members in parliament? They too may have had members of their of their constituency affected by the trough. I believe the invitation from the PM,(which seemed to be the right thing) was just a show.
        I believe Mr. Chastanet is taking his responsibility as the leader of the Party very serious and is doing exactly what Mr. King could not have done when he was the leader. Mr. King was scared to act on thing that would ruffle feathers, even if it was the right thing to do.
        The use of the word "Poodle" in your statement have me to believe that you are not the LPM Leader.

  5. King is first in parliament and leader of the opposition by virtue of running as a UWP candidate. He represent the UWP party. Chastanet is now the leader of that party and so any body acting on behalf of that party must work with or consult the leader. That is how a serious party or organizations will operate.

    If King was invited by the PM certainly it was not as MP for his constituency but as leader of the opposition. Then he would have to consult with all the other opposition members. He cannot meet the cabinet without the input of his colleagues. Then his party leader Chastanet would invariably have to be apart of their pre meeting.

    DR. Anthony too would operate just as Mr. Chastanet has claimed. Who in SLP would cross swords with him. Mr. King needs to show maturity and an understanding of what is right. He cannot engage in cheap politics within his party just to get back at Chastanet for having defeated him for party leader

    • Having defeated him? If it was not for king dating back to many moons ago when flambeau had become irrelvant, you would not be running your mouth. Chastanet is a fool to disrespect King. King is a real flambeau and does not come from the cheap tricks that you Chastanites involve in. He will over come that too. Long before is over you all will be looking for your saviour and he won't be around.

      • Stevenson King don't need Chastanet to win in Castries North. He has done so 4 times and without the help of Chastanet, Spider, Gail and what have you. He should just kick these people on the curb and look for people who are willing to work with him.

        • King is just not a leader. Being a patriotic flambeau or anything does not make you a Leader? He is beginning to become a bad team player.

  6. What's going on?As far as I know Mr.King is an elected member and leader of the opposition and he did the right thing to attend the meeting>He could have mention it to Chastnet as a matter of courtesy but not to seek his approval.we had a crisis on our hand and needed urgent actions.Come on Chastnet behave yourself ,ok.Spread the love.

  7. gonna say it anyway

    Chastanet dint worry about these idiots!!!! You can do it. go on and be a great leader

  8. I think people need to understand where chastnet is coming from. Would anyone one do that the Kenny and the Labour party? That would not dere happen. It show kings lack of respect for the UWP,s and his quest with some other including the SLP to fight the political Leader and UWP, SLP is smart the more they can distable UWP members it is in their favor, King and his bunch have already secured their pension!! OH it may be a case of him following his good old friend Vaughn Lewis, soon all said about him will be water under the bridge. King sold the elections in 2011 to SLP. I wander whats next?

    • Kind did not sell no elections to the SLP. Lazy mp's and folks around him did!! And that's the bottom line.

    • Kenny sole interest is in his party and the educated supporters...King has no brains anyway...Kennny will disregard his best ideas....

    • Mr. Chastanet needs to understand his place... He does not have a seat.. He is only a the party leader.. Mr King is still the Opposition Leader... Unless Chastanet does not understand that at all.

  9. Am tired of hearing people attacking chastenet......why....they fear him...trying to descredit him.....focus your efforts on making positive contributions which will benefit the country...the UWP is bigger than King remember that....d party must come before self......Mandela passing had everyone crying out for unity.....yeah right..we back to our old tricks

    • Unity for everyone but not for Chastanet? Choops!!!
      What makes Chastanet bigger than anyone!!!!!

    • Is there a reason that anyone should "Fear" Chastanet?

      Are you stating that Chastanet has the sole right to air his views (no matter how stupid it may sound,) without anyone bringing forth a counter argument?

      Really, is this what makes you think in your confused mind, that someone how he is feared in the Political arena?

      Stop this ignorant and dumb chant about (he is feared.) It doesn't show us (as people,)being intelligent.

    • Is this a case where Mr. King did not get the other member of the opposition involved? Remember its an opposition government.

  10. Am tired of hearing people attacking chastenet......why....they fear him...trying to descredit him.....focus in runnibg the country

  11. Chastanet needs to find some other form interest or extra-curricular activity to indulge in. This is not a child's play ground.
    And so far, he has demonstrated immature behaviour on all levels.
    This individual isn't fit to hold any posts whatsoever.
    He is a a DUNCE.

  12. It is a shame when Allan Chastanet try to belittle Stephenson King like that. this is a time where all hands must be on deck, after such a devastating trough to the island.

    i agree with Mr. King for his decision and i support him fully. Chastanet is an ass, from his head to his feet.


  13. Bravo LPM! Could'nt have it better.
    Big UP SNO. This is how the news should be reported without bias or fear of anyone.
    Your purpose is to serve your readers, not hide information from them.

  14. Chastanet is not elected! he can be leader of whatever party he wants, but without a seat he's useless.

    The best thing he could do for the country is concentrate on his business affairs and bring money in to the island. The nation needs change from Kenny Antony's mendacious and bandit government - but it is not Chastanet.


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