Lollipops lick Midnight Madness netball

Lollipops lick Midnight Madness netball
Sexy Lollipops!
Sexy Lollipops!

Despite the rain over the weekend, the Vide Boutielle Cultural Club (VBCC) completed its Midnight Madness Fast5 Edition netball tournament on the weekend, with seven teams taking part and scores of spectators coming out from the La Clery area.

Featuring a high-paced game with shorter periods and fewer players on the court, goals worth multiple points, rolling substitutions and power plays, the Fast5 format was hailed as a major success.

Sexy Lollipops, comprising members of Elite Strikers, took the top spot in the competition over Midnight Riders, which included members of the Shamrock senior team, which won last week’s Shamfest finals. Sexy Lollipops also made a sartorial impact, winning the award for Sexiest Dressed Team.

Aside from Sexy Lollipops and Midnight Riders, the field included players from La Clery, the Eagles team out of Grande Riviere, and Avengers, forming teams such as Candy Crushers, Fruit Ninjas, Hot Stepperz and the Sexy Legz men’s team. Avengers played under their normal team name.

The competition was a round robin in two groups. For every game won, the team was awarded five points. Sexy Lollipops topped group A and Midnight Riders won group B. The two went head on in a final match consisting of seven-minute halves. In the end, the Lollipops licked their opposition 26-6.

In addition to the exciting netball action, participants and spectators were treated to entertainment including the very first Midnight Madness After Party with DJ’s Scady Dot P and Hyper D, as well as a live performance from VBCC’s very own ‘Bad Gal Kira’ doing her popular soca track ‘Get Silly.’

VBCC Sports Officer Sharm Jn. Pierre thanked all concerned: “The VBCC executive body congratulates the winning team, Sexy Lollipops, and we are pleased with the level of participation we got from the teams and players who made this event successful. We must also thank the umpires and desk officials who devoted their time, knowledge and skill, and the public for coming out in their numbers. Also, we say thanks to all the sponsors who contributed to the event. Without you all, Midnight Madness would simply not have been possible.”

VBCC Midnight Madness Fast5 Edition



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