Local police continues to investigate viral torture video involving St. Lucian

Local police continues to investigate viral torture video involving St. Lucian

While acknowledging that an investigation is being conducted into a viral torture video involving a Desruisseaux, Micoud teen who is reportedly being held captive in Venezuela, local police have indicated that any recovery operation would have to involve the external affairs department.

The video, which has been making rounds on social media, shows Scott Atkins, 18, being assaulted and threatened by men with high-powered guns, speaking a combination of Spanish and French. Atkins is seen begging an individual named ‘Shawn’ to pay his captors because if he doesn’t they will kill him.


Police, at a media briefing on July 24 did not authenticate the video but instead confirmed that two females, claiming to be Atkins’ sisters, have filed an official report about the alleged kidnapping.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir said the women have indicated that Atkins had gone to Trinidad and they knew that he was working there.

“They [the sisters] received this video indicating that he was kidnapped in Venezuela and they were requiring some monies for his release,” Desir disclosed.

Atkins was said to have left St. Lucia in late January or early February and has been seen in Venezuela. Further details are still unclear.

“In matters like this we would go through our Ministry of External Affairs who would assist us during the course of the investigation,” Desir said.

Sources say Atkins was kidnapped in February from Trinidad and brought to Venezuela where he has been held by his captors ever since.

The gang holding Atkins claims it is owed over $130,000 USD by a relative of Atkins, according to sources.

Relatives of Atkins reportedly received the videos earlier this week and are calling on “Shawn” to pay the Venezuelan gang because the teen is innocent, according to sources.


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  1. We need to pray for the young men and women of the nation. WE need to lift all parents up in prayer.
    We never know when and how our turn will come. A mother is hurting and dying because she has lost two sons . I say lost because they are not with her currently .Please have a heart and instead of posting negativity-just pray!


  2. So now there is a video saying it's not true and the police should leave Shawn alone.if it's not true this young man deserves to be in prison for shaking hearts.smh


    • Yall can really turn a story we. The boy never said it's not real. He just said to remove the video and stop drawing attention to it so that Shawn won't get arrested in order to pay the money's . People I wonder if y'all even have a heart sometimes the fact remains that y'all really don't know the full story so please stop all the speculations and take it easy . A life is in trouble and y'all still have all negative tings to say. I don't know the boy but if it was my family no mater what he did I wouldn't want him to go through this. Just cause it hasn't hit home for y'all y'all can run them talks ....


  3. The young man isn't dead. There is a recent video of the young man asking his sister to have the news media to stop playing the videos. He claimed that Shawn has paid part of the money. In that video be also begs Shawn to pay the remainder of the money soon. He claims to be ok for the time being.


  4. Ella. Shut up seems Shawn is your man if so bring him out of hiding this
    He needs to face his drug boos
    Ti salop la


  5. He died a brutal vicious death, no one deserves that, many said it was fake but the Venezuelans had to prove to lucians its real. R.I.P young one we all were teens and made mistakes....now who is Sean/ Shawn??


  6. This scenario is like me - trying to rob a bank in Switzerland and then seeking help from St. Lucia because the bank security catches me, ties me up and is violating my rights!

    Why are you young men and WOMEN involved in this dangerous drug trade in the first place?


  7. There's a final video showing they killed him .they Cut off his hands ,shot him multiple timesvin the head,cut his stomach with an axe and also they smashed his head with a rock. The issue is where is shawn. Police should find shawn . Such a gruesome death. That should be a lesson to young persons dont do drugs or get caught up in the wrong activity.


      • Yes thats because he was the one who died n they decided to release how they tortured him afterwards


        • he isnt dead because he released some voice notes saying that the mother should inform the media to disregard the video because if the st lucian police arrests shawn he will be dead ... so he is saying they got with shawn.. he has 10days to pay.. shawn agreed so tell the police to stay out of it... loool... this is soo fishy and confusing.. sighhh..


      • I say that video 3 weeks ago where the man had the axe and gun in the street laughing and shotting the guy


    • Why are you'll so gullible? That was not the young man. Stop believing everything you see on the internet.


    • the boy they killed was not in drugs it was the shawn guy they came looking for him and the young fella they killed was there and said shawn was his brother so the venezelans kidnapped him but the actual thing is tht shawn was the one involved in drugs


  8. We need to pray for this guy i dont know him but my heart cant take this....cant imagine how his family must be feelin now.....5 years ago my bro disappear doing the same thing up to this day not a word about him....but the ppl who do this to other ppl god is watching and your day is coming very soon.....


    • My poor cousin did this..was played by his sender and left to dead by his captors,god is good to good ppl,he was release 11 month later when all his family and friends considered him long gone.the sender never paid the owe money up to this day..it was actually the kartels mom who speared him,he said that didnt abuse him and clothe and fed him.cause they too got the notion that this evilous monster want all for himself played my cousin.now ppl tell me,if killing will ever stop?


  9. So much local crimes here yet to be solved. Many involving innocent victims, drive by shootings, innocent passers by, mistaken identities and the victims or their families for those killed cannot get resolution and closure and Desir deh worrying about bad man business.

    Wasting already meagre police resources to find out about illegal private business. When dem fellers does go on their missions and when things good do they inform anyone? Do they inform the police? Let us hear instead about Shaka Dan found dead in Micoud Police Station especially the magistrate declare it have fish things. What about the Cul de Sac explosion where innocent persons lost their lives. All dat is more important.

    Come on Desir straighten up and try and solve the many unsolved crimes here in Lucia.