Local entrepreneur hosts web building seminar

Local entrepreneur hosts web building seminar

(PRESS RELEASE) – This new age of Technology has catapulted a generation into a novel way of doing business.

The landscape has changed, as has the language of conducting business. Most businesses today that are forward thinking, will have some sort of online presence. The challenge for many small business owners however, will be to invest the time and finances to learn the skills required to maintain an online personality.

Easy Dzyne, itself a small company, has risen to the challenge and is willing to help other small enterprises learn how to build a website in two hours and have it work 24/7, with no coding experience needed.

Easy Dzyne, a premium web solutions company for small businesses that focuses on quality, innovation and speed, will host a website building seminar on Thursday, September 20th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the new Financial Centre at Pointe Seraphine.

The company offers a variety of services including but not limited to web design and redesign, web hosting, graphic design, search engine optimization, etc. Easy Dzyne, as the name suggests, is proud to say that they cater to the online needs of most small businesses. Providing a personalized package for each client, Easy Dzyne believes that every business is unique and as a result deserves an online presence reflective of their individual goals and objectives. With the company mission of making local business technology savvy, Easy Dzyne is poised to deliver clean and professional websites.

Founder, Edsel Theodore, decided to help demystify the process as well as bring the opportunity to those interested.

“We hope to reach people who understand the importance of jumping on the technological wave who may prefer to do it themselves” says Mr. Theodore, when asked for the reason behind the seminar. “No coding experience means that anyone can come with no prior knowledge of building a website and leave with the exact steps to designing one and launching it.”

Attendees are welcome to bring any writing material to take notes. There will be ample space to fit laptops or any similar devices as well. The initiative is designed to provide teaching in an easy and hassle-free learning environment.


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