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Local attorney suffers broken leg after attack at home


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Attorney-at-Law Marcus Foster

Attorney-at-Law Marcus Foster

Attorney Marcus Foster was attacked by a known individual at his Barnard Hill residence over the weekend.

Foster reportedly sustained a broken leg and several injuries to his body during the attack.

He was taken to hospital for treatment.

The reason for the attack is still not clear.

The police are conducting their investigations.

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  1. Get well soon, Harry!

  2. St Lucia is rapidly becoming like the wild wild west. Why are people so angry? People no longer have regard for law or human life. What are we ad a people going to do to stop that tidal wave of criminal activity?

  3. God is not sleeping he is alive,his judgement is for the rich and the poor, no matter how it is executed

  4. .....and in other news more than 1000 persons died of hunger last week

  5. Mr. Foster you need to come clean. This thing happened over the weekend and today is Tuesday, you know the intruder, the intruder is known to the police, you suffered a broken leg and a good beating, you are a lawyer from a law family and still you haven't press charges. I know most lawyers are bad money managers, but you are a good lawyer.

  6. By the way, was that a client?

  7. I thought you said a known individual. So what is the police investigation about, just execute the arrest.

  8. get well soon mr foster


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