Local attorney launches book on legal practice and study

Local attorney launches book on legal practice and study
Attorney Trudy Glasgow has written a book.
Attorney Trudy Glasgow has written a book on the legal practice.

Aspiring lawyers or those already in practice, now have new material to help them with their studies or day-to-day legal practice, as local Attorney-at-Law Trudy Glasgow recently launched her first book entitled, “Simply Law.”

Glasgow, who has been a practicing attorney for the past seven years in Saint Lucia, said her new book contains several interesting topics that would assist persons studying or practicing law. She said there are also topics to arouse people’s interest in law and provide information for persons who would like to know more about the legal profession or principles of law.

Glasgow told Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview on Monday, May, 5 at her Bay Walk, Gros Islet Office that her passion for the profession has allowed her to write about her experience and teachings, which led to the compilation of the book. Most of the material included in the book, comes from her weekly columns in the Voice Newspaper.

“I felt that there was a need to put a selection of the articles in one place and I have a few unpublished works that has been included in it,” she stated.

According to the prominent attorney, some of the work was refreshed and revised and not all of the work is identical to the ones published in the weekly columns. Glasgow told SNO that the book is dedicated to her mother, Sherry Glasgow, who is the founder of the Goodwill Charity Group.

“I decided to use most of the proceeds from the book to help with financing programmes undertaken by the charity which is mainly focused on providing assistance to senior citizens homes,” she explained.

Having worked closely with her mother in the charity, which has been in existence for almost 20 years, Glasgow decided to give a little more to the work her mother started. She said, “I dedicated the book to her and her charity.”

Asked to touch on some of the topics included in the book, Glasgow said topics in the book ranges from the introduction of law, to what to expect while studying law. “I think this book is useful, not just for someone who is studying law, but for someone who is interested in law generally.”

Glasgow told SNO that there is something for everyone. The book she added touches on “Ten things to consider before studying law”, “What they don’t tell you in law school”, “Top 10 tips for getting through law school,” “Exam tips for law students, “from learning to earning,” and “Ten things you should do during practice,”, among several others.

“I go from practical topics right down to contract, family law, criminal law, commercial law, land law and frequently asked questions,” she stated.

Based on her interviews with former Chief Justices Hugh Rawlins and Brian Allenyne, Chief Justice of Belize Kenneth Benjamin, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, President of the Bar Association of Saint Lucia Andy George and former President of the Senate Gale Phillip Jarhare and former Registrar Sible Snapp, Glasgow included these in her book.

A tribute to former Attorney General Parry Husbands was also included in the book. He was an ardent supporter of Glasgow and was also a legal columnist.

Asked whether she supports the notion that young people should not opt for traditional careers such as becoming a lawyer, Glasgow said she disagrees to that subscription. Rather, the attorney said after a law degree, one can either practice or do something else.

“So I don’t think there is an over-subscription or you shouldn’t be discouraged if you want to do law and think they are too many lawyers. There is always room for someone who is going to make a difference and contribution,” she told SNO.

Glasgow said youth who are interested in launching a legal career should go for it. However, the legal practitioner advised that before doing so, one should speak with a lawyer or try to get an internship, so as to get a firsthand experience of what it takes to be a lawyer and what is required for one to excel in that field.

“I would encourage people to get into law because it is a wonderful area, even if you don’t go into practice you can be an academic lawyer, you can teach law, or go into journalism. It’s an area which opens a lot of doors for you, so don’t feel you are limited,” she opined.

Glasgow obtained her law degree from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom (UK). She completed a basification course at University of North Umbria. She also holds a master’s degree in Law from Sheffield University.

While in the (UK), Glasgow lectured law at Sheffield University for five years, and obtained a postgraduate certificate in higher education. Besides her legal qualification, she holds a bachelors degree in history from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.

She plans to continue writing and is looking to publish another book in the near future. Copies of Glasgow’s book can be purchased at the Sunshine Bookshop or the J.Q Rodney Bay Mall.



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