Saint Lucia lobster lovers, guess what?

Saint Lucia lobster lovers, guess what?

lobster2PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, Co-operatives and Rural Development informs the general public that the lobster fishery is open.

The season will remain open from Aug. 2, 2015 to Feb. 29, 2016 both days inclusive.

When the lobster fishery is open, lobster(s) may be obtained, fished for, sold and purchased; however, the following regulations are in effect in accordance with the Fisheries Regulations Chapter 7.15 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2008.

No person shall harm, give, receive from anyone, or at any time have in his possession, expose for sale, sell or purchase any lobster that is undersized; any lobster carrying eggs; and any lobster that is moulting.

No person shall remove the eggs from a lobster, or have in his possession, or sell, or purchase a lobster from which the eggs have been removed; spear, hook or attempt to spear a lobster; or sell any lobster that has been speared, hooked, or otherwise impaled.

In this Regulation, “undersized” means lobster(s) that are less than 9.5 centimetres (3.75 inches) in carapace length measured from the ridge at the base of the horns to the end of the carapace (back shell); or if the tail has been removed, a tail weight of less than 340 grams (12 ounces).

Contravention of each of these Regulations is subject to a maximum fine of EC$5000.00 for each offence.

The Fisheries Department seeks the cooperation of all persons and encourages members of the public to report to the Marine Police, District Police Stations or the Department of Fisheries, any person or establishment that is found contravening the regulations for the lobster fishery.


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  1. Be aware that perverts seek lobsters with eggs even though know that it is illegal. When we kill and eat a lobster with eggs we are actually killing and eating hundreds of future lobsters. If they do not reproduce they will become extinct. Save them if not for yourself, but for your kids.


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