Listening to the voice of the people

Listening to the voice of the people

It has long been said that the “voice of the people is the voice of God”. This expression assumes added significance when it is acknowledged and respected by leaders in the process of decision making.

The anxieties of Saint Lucians regarding diplomatic relations with Taiwan have now been soothed to an extent by the Prime Minister’s announcement during his address last evening of the decision to maintain diplomatic ties with the Government of Taiwan. This pronouncement no doubt follows the logic that such decisions should be driven by moral considerations and in the best interest of Saint Lucia.

Now that the Taiwan/China chapter re: diplomatic relations has been resolved  if even temporarily, we wish to call on Prime Minister Kenny D. Anthony to further respond to the voice of the people on two other extremely pertinent issues. The United Workers Party therefore calls on the Prime Minister Anthony to extend his humility further by addressing the nation on the lingering Grynberg scandal by providing similar detailed historic accounts as he did during his address last evening. The Prime Minister may want to explain for example why he did not accede to Jack Grynberg’s proposal for a “tolling agreement” which is reflected in the Arbitration document dated March 29th, 2012.

Additionally Prime Minister Anthony may also wish to listen to the voice of the people by granting Saint Lucians the gift of a “VAT free Christmas” by postponement of the new taxation measure until the first quarter of next year. We congratulate Prime Minister Anthony on his new found humility and urge that he continues in that vein as relates to the issue of Grynberg and Value Added Tax.


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