Lionfish links divers and chefs

Lionfish links divers and chefs


PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Dive Association in collaboration with the SLHTA recently hosted a Lion Fish Derby and Cook-off at Reduit Beach in the island’s north.

The routinely held derby was conceptualized in response to the invasion of Lion Fish in our waters. As is well known, if left uncontrolled this species can deplete our regular fish supply and threaten the livelihoods of fisher folk.  Diving teams across the island have been successfully lowering Lion Fish numbers through daily fishing expeditions.

Also, the SLHTA has played an important role in addressing this issue by encouraging restaurants to create Lion Fish dishes for their menu. Saturday saw some of these masterful and delectable creations prepared by Chef Robby Skeete and some young cooks from the SLHTA Apprenticeship program.

Tourists and locals alike highly commended the tastings on offer. Dishes included stir fried lion fish, lion fish ceviche, lion fish with a yam cream sauce and fried lion fish in bakes topped with tartar sauce and a spicy mango jelly.

The SLHTA plans to host another Derby in early 2016 with even greater participation from local diving teams.


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  1. Lionfish actually tastes really good, but it is so expensive to purchase nowadays. Excellent initiative slhta


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