Lion District Governor audits clubs

Lion District Governor audits clubs


PRESS RELEASE – Lion District Governor Marvin Grant MJF, District Governor for Sub District 60B was guest of the Lions and Leos of Zone 3B when he conducted the annual audit of clubs in Saint Lucia during October 15 – 17, 2015.

The District governor was also fortunate to be the guest at the First Zone meeting for Zone 3B. The Audits were conducted in a businesslike yet cordial manner.

During the visit District Governor Marvin Grant MJF, was able to visit the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association and got a insight into the work that the Association is doing in collaboration with the Lions and Leos of Zone 3B.

He also visited the Odsan Combined School, where the Leo Club of Castries had recently completed the painting of two of the classrooms.

During the tour of the school the DG was fortunate to participate for a brief moment in the La Marguerite festival which the school was celebrating and which is one of our Flower festivals.

In his address at the Zone Meeting the District Governor noted that he was pleased with the work undertaken by the clubs. He however highlighted that there is room for improvement and urged clubs to conduct the community needs assessment so that they will be targeting the needs of the community. To strengthen the partnership with the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association; strengthen clubs to achieve a state of viability; increase dedication and commitment of members.

He implored clubs to strive to improve efficiency and effectiveness by

1. Better understanding of their roles;

2. Reacquainting with the organizational practices;

3. Conducting relevant workshops for example, Leadership development, so there will be a cadre of members ready to take up the mantle of leadership;

4. Better understanding and practice of the Code of Ethics – simply put do unto others as we have them do unto us.

He indicated that in order to do this members, should take advantage of all the tools available at the club, District and International level.

The Board of Directors and Members of the Lions Club of Castries and the Leo Club of Castries congratulate the District Governor on his successful audit of the clubs in Zone 3B and join with the others in wishing you continued success in your year as District Governor, Sub-District 60B.


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