LIME ups the ante with 1000 anywhere SMS

LIME ups the ante with 1000 anywhere SMS
Chris Williams
Chris Williams

A few short weeks ago, LIME introduced Saint Lucia to One Rate, a single flat rate of just $0.60 per minute to call anywhere, any network, anytime.

Days ago, the company launched its brand new 4G mobile data service, Saint Lucia’s fastest network, with unrivaled speeds to open up a whole new world of possibilities. Now, Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications service provider is doing it again.

People say it all the time. You’ve probably said it yourself… Why send a text message when you can use one of a half-dozen messaging services for “free?” Well, the answer to that question is finally here!

LIME is now offering customers 1000 Anywhere SMS, a text bolt-on that lets prepaid mobile customers send up to 1000 text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any network in Saint Lucia and 25 other Caribbean territories. And as an introductory offer, the service is absolutely FREE for the first two months!

You can activate Anywhere SMS by dialling *130*1# to get 1000 FREE text messages to use over a 30-day period. You get an SMS notification one day before the service is due for automatic renewal and a confirmation message when it is renewed. You can check your renewal date by dialling *130*0# or dial *130*2# to unsubscribe.

The launch of three major back-to-back offers from LIME in both SMS and voice calling is a clear indication that the Caribbean’s leading full service communications provider is on a mission to technologically transform the region’s telecommunications landscape and make mobile communication much more affordable that it has ever been.

“We are very excited about this new service,” says LIME Saint Lucia General Manager, Chris Williams. “Now, more than ever, people are constantly looking for better value for every dollar they spend. Our customers and potential customers are comparing rates and finding the best deals that help them stretch their hard-earned money and save. Our goal with Anywhere SMS is to give customers the freedom to do more with their devices and stay connected without worrying about running out of credit.

“Similarly, with LIME One Rate, customers’ credit lasts much longer and they save up to $0.25 a minute on local calls and $0.56 on regional calls. With one flat rate for calls and texting – rates that are far lower than anything else in the market – you will always be better off with LIME,” Chris adds. “And of course, you can proudly state that you are on Saint Lucia’s fastest network, and the first to deliver 4G to its customers.”


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  1. CONGRATS on the first to bring 4th Generation (4G) Speeds to the Saint Lucia mobile market! BRAVO!!!

    But,,, I must agree with the other writers. INTERNET service in St Lucia is much too expensive. Preventing a certain class of Saint Lucians from enjoying this crucial & critical service.

    C'mon LIME! Time to make internet more affordable. The lower middle-class need access to the internet "at home".


  2. i think they giving us the 1000 free text to offset the fact that we will never have credit again when they start charging for their 3g or 4g, with edge slow as it was the plans were unlimited pay for a week u can download a million things, with the 3g/4g we start paying exuberant prices for every mb of data we use after their set boundaries.


  3. I don't give two hoots about 1000 text messages.

    My concern is this shoddy and tom-foolery internet service that Lime is providing to residential homes in Saint Lucia at such high cost.

    In this new age where you may need to download sometimes 5Gb to 10GB data files with download crappy speed like 2mb, 4mb and in some areas 8mb. What the hell is this? and to make it worst the cost is so damn high and not competitive at all. But Lime Barbados is able to give to its customers download speeds up to 105mb at $200.00 BDS.

    Its time for the "powers that be," in this land to look into Lime's operations in Saint Lucia (particularly residential internet service,) to ensure this nonsense of offering 2 to 4mb of download speed is stopped.

    This is an INSULT TO US LIME.


    • I have argued this very point for years! St. Lucia's Internet cost is among the most expensive countries within the region. I think we are about third highest.

      LIME's prices are not unified across the region. Grenada has one price (better than ours), St. Vincent has another, St. Lucia has another, etc. (CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF)


      • I have and its true. But how on earth is lime doing justice to its customers in this time with such EXPENSIVE CRAPPY DOWNLOAD SPEED.

        Really? Lime doesn't give two damns of its image out there nor does he cares about providing its customers with the best of INTERNET service at competitive prices. But have the audacity to make a whole bunch of noise about 4G, when the government of SLU gave them duty free concessions to have their equipment cleared.


        Lime has always been taking us for a ride and this NONSENSE HAS TO STOP.


        • Do you know that the minimum Internet speed in Barbados (of course, I am talking about LIME speed) is 6 Mbps? And at a cost of BD$85 (or EC$114). Now, for us in St. Lucia, the 3 Mbps plan is EC$178 and 4Mbps is EC$293. So, I figure that it would cost us more than 3 or 4 times more if ever we think of 6Mbps in St. Lucia. So there you have it! LIME is really sucking it to us BIG TIME!


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