LIME TV service outage – set top box scan required

LIME TV service outage – set top box scan required

Please note that due to a service outage last weekend, a number of LIME TV customers (silver set top box) have either had their channels mixed up, lost channels, or lost sound on some channels.

In order to restore service, LIME TV Customers will need to perform a factory reset and then rescan their boxes.

The parameters for scanning the set top box are as follow:

Start frequency: 099000

End frequency: 747000

SymRate: 5057

Mod: 64QAM

Please be guided accordingly.

Note too that this is a good opportunity to get customers to switch to Flow Digital TV, which offers more channels, better quality, and greater flexibility.

New Flow Digital TV customers get the opportunity to enjoy the full suite of programming, including HBO / MAX, Fox Premium, Flow Sports Pack, Entertainment Zone, Family Time, Fans Central and In The Know for free.

With a wider selection channels, including a number of high-definition options, and the opportunity to customise content and bundle with broadband to realise cost savings, the time is now for our customers to get on Flow TV!


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  1. Flow is shit. My internet is crap, my cable tv is crap. What really is the point at this stage


  2. Poor customer service. What flow really wants is to force lime customers to take flow box at a more expensive rate. This is why we are experiencing all these problems. The remotes are not working and flow has none for sale.
    Flow your long suffering customers will not forget when the time comes you will pay. Remember when digicel came to St. Lucia.?
    I for one intend to return your two boxes and remotes that no longer work.


    • Good day, Sunshine. It's really not that simple. If it were, the company would simply shut down the LIME network forthwith. This would, of course, be a public relations and customer service nightmare.

      The LIME TV equipment, including the remotes, is failing, no longer being manufactured, and will have to be discarded at some point. Flow has no more choice in this than do our customers.


  3. The poor people fed up with these flow boxes and it is not just over the weekend that this problem began, it has been for some time now, thousands of boxes have been returned and as many complaints from the poor customers who love their local news, soaps etc. This is shabby treatment from Flow to their customers.
    In this day and age when one can log online and get any and everything, customers who can afford it have purchased a box and abandon cable altogether, with no monthly subscriptions.

    Let's give God the Glory!


  4. For some time now customers have been returning these boxes and the poor people have been complaining about the poor service yet nothing is being done about. I think cable is television is played out and now the new thing is to purchase a box from the US or an antenna with no cable or no monthly membership required.

    Let Jah be Praised!


  5. yall teamed up with lucelec so there can be this power outage just for this to happen for people to come and take the new box.


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