Lime-Trevor Daniel FDP grand finals set for Saturday

Lime-Trevor Daniel FDP grand finals set for Saturday

PRESS RELEASE – If the preliminary round of matches of the Lime-TDFDP tournament, held on Saturday June 27th is any indication of what is to come this Saturday July 4th at the Sab(Vigie Playing Field), then kids, parents, sponsors & football fans are in for a MEGA treat.

The young and upcoming football stars scored 60 goals in 23 matches in the Preliminary round. The “Coach Trevor’s” Award will be presented to the most outstanding player, 5yr old Krishonne Amedee not just because he scored 8 of those 60 goals but, for doing that while demonstrating the highest “technique level” among his peers, for having an excellent coachable attitude & for having one of the coolest goal scoring celebration dances.

The schedule for the finals on July 4th is as follows:

8-8:20am Teams Registration

8:30-9:10am u8’s Finals Sandals-Accountants vs Voice-Journalists

8:30-9:10am u10’s finals Lime-Engineers vs Voice-Journalists

8:30-9am u6’s Pinks vs Greens ALLSTAR MATCH(Select teams)

*Please note no 3rd place in these divisions.

8:30-915am U13’s 3rd place Lime-Engineers vs Sandals-Accountants

9:15-10am RBC U13’s Championship Match Voice-Journalists vs Western Union-Pharmacists

10:02-10:15am Medal ceremony

10:15-10:30am Feature Match “Parents Allstars” vs “Coaches & Sponsors”.

This event will mark the close of the regular training sessions for the term & football year, training resumes in September with the reopening of school.

Thanks to Lime-Trevor Daniel FDP, Sandals, Western Union, The Voice Publishing, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), VSADC Academy, First Touch Academy for making this event and the football year another positive experience for the participants & families.


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