LIME scholarships now up to 17

LIME scholarships now up to 17
LIME Scholarship recipient Magan Dorleon (centre) with her father Norman, flanked by Danette Lambert and Adeline Jean.
LIME Scholarship recipient Magan Dorleon (centre) with her father Norman, flanked by Danette Lambert and Adeline Jean.

PRESS RELEASE – Magan Dorleon is the latest proud recipient of a LIME scholarship for the 2014-15 school year.

Magan who previously attended Camille Henry Memorial attained a score of 93.67% in this year’s Common Entrance Examination. Her outstanding performance earned her a place at St Joseph’s Convent. The scholarship will cover the cost of school supplies, including textbooks and uniforms.

Magan is the daughter of Norman Dorleon of Carrier Services. She joins scores of proud LIME scholarship recipients who have received financial support for their education from Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications provider over the years. Magan was thrilled to receive the award from LIME.

“I worked very hard to do well at Common Entrance,” she said. “It’s great that LIME has been able to reward me for my hard work and I intend to keep working hard to show that I deserve this scholarship. Thanks, LIME!”

Magan’s dad, Norman also expressed his gratitude for the assistance LIME is providing to his daughter. “On behalf of my family I would like to thank LIME for the scholarship. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders knowing Megan is getting this sort of assistance to continue her education. Now we can cope better with other pressing issues in these challenging economic times,” said Norman.

Every year LIME awards scholarships to children of its staff members who perform outstandingly at the Common Entrance Examinations. Since 1995, over 75 children of LIME staff members have benefited from the LIME Scholarship Award Programme. Some 17 students at secondary and tertiary level are presently on LIME scholarships.

LIME Human Resource Partner, Danette Lambert, said: “We are proud to help students like Magan realize their dreams. This kind of encouragement goes beyond monetary value. It shows LIME is a company that believes in the success of Saint Lucia’s youth. We believe we owe it to the children to use our resources to help guide them along a positive path that will help them develop their maximum potential.”



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