LIME officially rebrands to FLOW in St. Lucia

LIME officially rebrands to FLOW in St. Lucia

d962b1bb-cbad-4a13-9e26-aa1381f6786ePRESS RELEASE – It’s now official – LIME is now the new Flow.

The transformation from LIME St. Lucia to the new and refreshed Flow heralds the start of a new and exciting era for the brand, which underscores the successful integration of Cable & Wireless Communications and Columbus Communications Ltd.

“The new dynamic Flow brand encapsulates everything that is positive about SLU and the Caribbean; the beauty of the region, the warmth of the people coupled with their passion and drive for growth and development in a culture of excellence where we strive to be the best,” said Geraldine Pitt, Country Manager. St. Lucia stands to benefit from the combined strength of both companies.

The new organisation brings together 150 years of Cable & Wireless’s legacy and tradition of expertise, with the innovation, agility and customer focused spirit of Columbus. As the nation says a fond farewell to LIME and a warm “Lucian” hello to the new Flow, the people of St. Lucia can expect a dynamic new culture of innovation, superior customer service, and technical excellence, backed by investments in technology, people and community.

The phased launch of the newly refreshed retail brand – Flow – across the Caribbean has now reached St. Lucia, the tenth market to be rebranded. “This is an exciting new development for the region and more specifically it signals the start of a transformation of our business in St. Lucia,” Pitt also said. “Our renewed focus – putting the customer at the heart of what we do – provides us with a unique opportunity to create a new future in SLU with Flow. Our customers, employees and partners will experience a totally transformed culture and way of doing business. Our aim is not just to meet but to exceed their expectations as they interact with us on a daily basis.”

She continued, “The Company aims to deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of telecoms services anywhere in the region, this includes a complete transformation of service delivery including the introduction of our new concept retail store designed to offer customers a new and enhanced experience with all the bells and whistles.”

The celebration of the launch of the new Flow brand began on April 14th, with an employee brand event, followed by an all-day customer appreciation day and a block party at Gros Islet Friday night street event and culminates on Saturday April 16th, with a round the island motorcade.  There will be lots of prizes and surprises for customers at these events, a fitting ‘HELLO St. Lucia’ welcome.

The excitement of the launch event will reverberate across the 12 districts that make up StLucia (SLU) as the country goes with the Flow.  

The new brand is dynamic, confident, inspiring and one that engages the consumer totally, and Flow reaffirms its commitment on a singular mission of Connecting Communities…Transforming Lives.

For more information customers are invited to visit the website at

or contact 1-800-804-2994



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  1. Lord have mercy for us all! You dont think we know it is the same thing? Lime gives us horrible customer service, bad connections, poor channels, high prices and shitty really shitty service overall. Guest what? Flow slowly becomes the same way. I expect nothing different. I expect the same shitty service and guest what, thats exactly what you dished out. All this PR does is make me sick. Lucians with all the travesties we face now, this monopoly on service is one of the worst. Flow is horrible. I expect nothing but increases and shitty service. smh.


  2. Is that cheerful photograph taken in Saint Lucia? Because Lime/C&W/FLO Customer Care is in El Salvador, the poorest country in Central America. Geraldine Pitt is inaccessible to Saint Lucians. Ever tried to reach Madame Pitt by telephone? Is Ms. Pitt staying on at FLO? Will it be the more things change the more they stay the same? Why has the Ministry not investigated the level of quality Pitt and Co/LIME/ C&W/FLO provide to St. Lucian subscribers? Thank you for choosing Lime? Did we choose LIME? Or FLO or whatever it will be called?
    Where is a serious investigation of this monopoly? Where are controls on the absurdly poor service they provide? Ms. Pitt, your thoughts?


  3. Flow/lime for the past few weeks internet service has been lousy, for a change give us the service that we are paying for plus your'll customer service sucks do some training in that department.


  4. Notice carefully that with all the charade LIME?FLOW makes no mention of what subscribers will have to pay now.


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