LIME launches nationwide upgrade and Christmas promotion

LIME launches nationwide upgrade and Christmas promotion
Valentine Dantes (centre) after winning a prize during the launch of LIME’s special promotions today.

LIME has launched its promised US$13 million upgrade in Saint Lucia under an umbrella capital investment programme for the Caribbean, which is valued at US$1.05 billion.

The campaign dubbed “Upgrade Saint Lucia” was launched today, Tuesday, November 18.

In order to enhance the customer experience, the company has refreshed the look and feel of their branch stores with a bright green colour.

Part of the investment includes: improved mobile coverage, fixed mobile service coverage with improved broadband speed, and quality television and business solution. The upgrade will see customers receiving better connectivity at all parts of the island, which now has speed at about 15 megabyte or more.

Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive of LIME Sharlene JnBaptiste said the upgrade is to ensure that all LIME customers are satisfied and that they get value for money.

Meanwhile, JnBaptiste also spoke about the work LIME Saint Lucia has been doing, especially in providing sponsorship to many charities across the island. The marketing executive also reflected on LIME’s promotions and giveaways this year, during a live presentation.

LIME’s Christmas promotion was launched simultaneously, where it was announced that several lucky prizes will be up for grabs, for the holiday season.

Customers will have a chance to win an Iphone, six cellular phones and the Alcatel Onepop touch 7-inch tablets, among other prizes.

Attendees at the launch were given the first opportunity to win an Iphone 6.

Six persons were given the chance to sing Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” song, but had to include the words ‘LIME’ and ‘UPGRADE’. At the end of all the performances, the winner was chosen by the audience based on the loudest cheers.

Valentine Dantes, who performed a remix to the song, won the audience vote and was presented with his prize.


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  1. If you Elect me to lead this Island, I will ensure that you get proper telecommunications services at a modest payment system.

    I will ensure your Interests and Rights as consumers are protected by enacting Laws.


  2. Don't you FOOLISH people vote politicians for "chicken and rum" every year?

    Do you chicken heads ever seek them to protect your consumer rights and your rights to access IT services without over-burdening prices or cost?
    No you don't. Because you're ignorant like that.
    And they love to keep you in your ignorant state for votes, so they can support their families over a lengthy period of time.

    So now the "chickens" have come home to roost. And all of sudden you all are "Economists" and Business Merger Specialist.



  3. This is just a wonderful smoke screen hoping the the proposed merger with Flow goes through but ECTEL and the other boards not havung that so lets see how the upgrade will work


  4. Based on this story it seems the entire island can benefit, trust PR to hype up things and make much a do about nothing. They do this every year.


  5. Always putting on a show but when it comes t deliver is a different story. How about you guys at LIME do the upgrades FIRST make your customers happy THEN make your big noise after. Choops tan!!


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