LIME is “geared up for the challenges of 2013” says GM Williams

LIME is “geared up for the challenges of 2013” says GM Williams
LIME St. Lucia General Manager Chris Williams
LIME St. Lucia General Manager Chris Williams

Three months ago when Chris Williams took over the mantle of leadership at LIME Saint Lucia, he had no illusions about what the company was up against.

Increasingly sophisticated customer preferences and service demands along with growing competition characterised the state of play in the market.

As the sun set on 2012 and the memories of a testing year fade, he took some time to reflect on the year ahead and to offer some insights into what customers can expect from LIME in 2013. A veteran with over 30 years experience working with Cable & Wireless and LIME, off the bat, he sounded a positive note.

“First and foremost, let me wish all our customers and the people of Saint Lucia a happy and productive year. Like us, I’m sure they’re all geared up to meet the challenges of 2013 head on. Undoubtedly, the business climate in which we all operate will continue to be tough, however I believe LIME is well positioned to have a strong and positive influence on how the people and businesses we serve can save, reduce costs and increase efficiencies in 2013. Saint Lucia has great potential and we want our success to contribute to growing the economy and enriching lives while serving our community.”

Despite the rough economic climate throughout the region, Williams said LIME will continue to upgrade and modernize its networks as a matter of priority.

“Extensive investments have been made to upgrade our systems because we determined that our customers in Saint Lucia and throughout the region must be able to communicate in the most cost effective way using our services; whether landline, mobile, Internet or LIME TV.”

About LIME TV, Williams noted that the company will fulfil its mandate to deliver a 100% digital product, bringing world-class broadcasting to the local audience. “This is an area in which we will take the lead,” he said. “Digital TV is going to be mandatory for the Caribbean from 2015, but LIME Saint Lucia will be ahead of the curve. We will transition our analog service in 2013, and take advantage of the many benefits of going digital, giving our customers more content, more targeted programming and a wider range of enriched options.”

He cited rising consumer demand for mobile broadband and data as one of LIME’s key areas of focus heading into 2013.

“Undoubtedly the continued evolution of our mobile network, more specifically mobile data, is the next big area of focus in our market. Demand is being driven by customers seeking more bandwidth and greater performance and speed in the palm of their hands that’s on par with their connectivity at home or at their workplace.

“We are working to deliver for our customers, and they should expect a wider choice of better quality mobile services and devices that will allow them to enjoy vast improvements in their mobile experience up to the optimum level of their specific handsets. From a service provider’s standpoint, I see extremely exciting times ahead!”

While Williams acknowledges that there’s still room for improvement in the quality of customer service the company provides, he said it’s a key area of focus and significant progress has been made.

“Our mission is to provide the best customer service possible, and it’s a never-ending mission because this is an area in which you always want to improve. We are working diligently within and throughout our organization to make the changes necessary to deliver on this important promise to our customers. We know too that we must dramatically enhance the quality and diversity of our offerings and the usage aspects of our customers’ experience with our products and services.

“Also, our investment in our staff by way of training and incentives will continue and other services such as our new call centre will be enhanced significantly. However, we still believe that creating a customer-centric culture and re-shaping the company around our customers are the most significant investments we are making.

“We pledge not to rest idly on our history of over 140 years in the communications sector, since we realize that our strength lies in our ability to deliver and in our commitment to our customers. To this end, we will do our utmost to ensure all our customers prosper in this critical year of change,” Mr Williams concluded.


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