LIME helps pensioners improve their computer skills

LIME helps pensioners improve their computer skills

LIME has been praised for helping to promote computer literacy among pensioners in Saint Lucia.

The company recently sponsored a Computer Literacy Workshop for members of the Pensioners’ Association Of Saint Lucia. The training took place over a 2-week period at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. LIME also provided broadband Internet service for the classes. The attendees learned about personal computers, working with the Internet, and were taught about the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Twelve members of the Association participated in the classes.

“We’re deeply grateful to LIME for sponsoring the workshop,” said Mr Gregor Biscette, the president of the Pensioners’ Association. Giving its members opportunities to increase their computer literacy levels and get up to speed with modern technology is one of the Association’s objectives, he explained.

Mr Cliff Chandler, an experienced IT expert and a long-time LIME collaborator, was the workshop facilitator. He said he thoroughly enjoyed engaging the participants and commended them for their fine performance. They all received participation certificates at the end of the exercise.

“LIME is proud to have been sponsor of the workshop,” said LIME VP Country Operations, Chris Williams.

“We want to congratulate the Pensioners Association for its efforts in overcoming the technological barriers that prevent a greater sharing of knowledge between generations. We would like all pensioners in Saint Lucia to be able to comfortably go online and receive information and network without having to leave home ? to be on par with students and young people. It’s important that they continue to be active participants in the process of nation building.”


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