LIME Email offers more with Google Apps!

LIME Email offers more with Google Apps!
Joanna Marius, LIME Saint Lucia Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience
Joanna Marius, LIME Saint Lucia Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience

LIME is finalizing the migration of the email service for its domain over to Google Apps. As of 28 August 2013 new and existing customers with LIME email accounts will be able to access their email via Google Apps by simply going to to LIME’s MyWebMail service at

To facilitate the switchover customers are encouraged to update their email passwords by 25 August 2013 to ensure they experience no downtime with the move to the Google environment.

The password upgrade is also necessary in order to be compatible with Google’s security requirements. Customers’ LIME email addresses will remain the same.

To change your password, login to Webmail, go to Settings, and click on the Password tab. Enter your current password and your new password, which must be at least eight characters long. Verify your new password by retyping it.

For password recovery purposes enter an alternate email address to send your password to. Click Update to change your password. On the screen you will see a message saying “Your password has been modified.” Log out, then log in again using the new password to ensure you have access to your account.

With Google Apps mail service, customers will have access to 6.5GB of email storage, more than a hundredfold increase over the 50MB limit previously available to users, along with lots of other great features, including Google Talk, the popular instant messaging service; Google Docs, which lets users create documents and collaborate with others in real-time, as well as Google’s incredibly reliable, fast and robust email service, complete with anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Joanna Marius, Head of Customer Experience, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers easy access to the latest email technology through Google’s dynamic suite of communication applications. With Google Apps mail service customers will also be able to continue accessing their information anywhere, anytime – including via mobile devices such as a BlackBerry and other smartphones.”

Customers who require their account to be accessible through any of the popular email client programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail or via a Smartphone or tablet, can visit the company’s website at to get help with instructions, and also to update their passwords and learn more about the enhanced email service from LIME.


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