LIME customers enjoy Yonn Sèl Pwi!

LIME customers enjoy Yonn Sèl Pwi!

Every year LIME celebrates Jounen Kwéyòl in a big way with its customers by sprucing up its stores with Kwéyòl decorations to delight them and rewarding with Kwéyòl goodies and a variety of great deals and specials.

This year the company is already gearing up for Creole Heritage Month with the launch of a new commercial that is sure to add a unique cultural flavour to its celebrations.

Together with Coaks and Anglasia, two of St Lucia’s leading Kwéyòl icons, LIME has launched ‘Yonn Sèl Pwi’ – a new One Rate ad an Kwéyòl to be aired on radio and TV to further spread the message of its offer of one flat rate for mobile calling. The ad is already a huge hit on YouTube – – and will also be featured in print.

With LIME One Rate calling, all LIME mobile calls made to any network in St Lucia and 25 Caribbean territories, regardless of the time of day or night, cost the same low price of just $0.60 cents per minute.

Furthermore, from now until October 31, 2013 LIME customers have the chance to win $1,000 in cash every week when they top up $20 or more.

“There is no doubt that LIME is revolutionizing the local and regional telecommunications and changing the way customers think about mobile calling with our launch of One Rate and other transformational offers like 4G and MyPlan,” said LIME St Lucia Head of Marketing & Communications, Laurencia Cadette. “For the first time ever in Saint Lucia, customers can rely on one phone, their LIME phone, to stay connected with friends and family for the best rate on the market.

“Additionally, customers now have the chance to $1,000 every week, up until Jounen Kwéyòl. Bagay la bon! This is a major win for our customers, that’s why it’s necessary to spread the message throughout the length and breadth of St Lucia, including our predominantly Kweyol-speaking communities who form the vast majority of the population, ” Ms Cadette added.


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