LIME committed to supporting St. Lucia’s economic recovery

LIME committed to supporting St. Lucia’s economic recovery
LIME CEO, Southern Cluster, Geraldine Pitt shared her vision at the recent Chamber of Commerce encounter series.
LIME CEO, Southern Cluster, Geraldine Pitt shared her vision at the recent Chamber of Commerce encounter series.

PRESS RELEASE – LIME is committed to supporting St. Lucia’s economic recovery by breaking down the barriers to communication to ensure that there is widespread access to much-needed telecommunications services and affordability across the island.

LIME CEO, Southern Cluster, Geraldine Pitt gave this assurance while addressing members of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce at a business forum held on Wednesday (September 17) at the Coco Palm Resort.

The forum, entitled “Jumpstarting the Economy – What St. Lucia Needs to do Now!’, and the latest in the Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Encounter Series,’ brought together high-level executives from several of St. Lucia’s leading businesses and institutions for a one-on-one and panel discussion on measures that need to be taken at various levels to give a boost to the economy and ensure sustained economic growth and development. Ms Pitt delivered the opening remarks.

Stressing that St. Lucia’s telecommunications providers have a critical role to play in the island’s economic recovery, Ms Pitt said, “It is incumbent on us to do all we can to support efforts by the government, the business sector and civil society to foster greater economic development and social cohesion in the country.”

LIME CEO and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brian Louisy exchange ideas.

Ms Pitt said that in the coming months and years there will be a need for telecoms operators, locally and regionally, to invest consistently in their infrastructure, and deliver cutting-edge services and a first-class customer experience in order to attract and maintain customers and market share.

“This is crucial if we are to ensure that our business community, which has always been the primary driver of economic growth, has affordable access to service levels and sophistication that are on par with first-world countries.”

She assured the business community that LIME remains committed to developing the best solutions for corporate St. Lucia and a “robust, reliable network that delivers island-wide coverage” and meets the needs of the growing business sector.

“Our aim is to make LIME the most technologically advanced telecoms business in St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean – delivering world-class service to all our customers as we forge ahead with our mission of breaking down barriers to communication,” Ms Pitt added.

LIME is currently embarking on a major modernization of its mobile, broadband and landline networks in St Lucia. It is aimed at expanding LIME’s 4G services and coverage island-wide, improving its landline network and upgrading to new energy saving power systems, and improving the resiliency of its network system in the south of the island. The company is investing US$13m in the modernisation of its network systems throughout the island.

The panelists for the forum were Dr. Didacus Jules, Director General of the OECS, Mr. Marius St. Rose, a retired banker, economist, and educator and Mr. Hadyn Gittens, General Manager, Bank of St. Lucia and a commercial, corporate and Credit Risk Management expert.

They have since come in for high praise by the CEO of the LIME Southern Cluster for their powerful presentations and the excellent ideas presented throughout the discussions.

Ms Pitt has also commended the Chamber of Commerce for organizing the ‘Encounter Series,’ describing the forums as ‘very inspiring’ and a great platform for engaging members of the business community on economic issues of national importance.


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  1. I've been with LIME for years and though they have fallen behind, must admit even Digi and Flow have issues. Flow/ karib came is horrible and Digi needs to stop trying to fool us with so called islandwide 4G and expensive rates. Giving lime another chance, hope they get it right this time. big up all my friends still there trying to make a difference, not the managers though lol


  2. lousy internet. Flow is brilliant with internet. Copper Wiring of Lime is à backward old system. Service is bad.


  3. If you are truly committed to Jumpstarting the Economy please have a closer look at the cost and quality of your communication services.


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