LIME changes the game with MyPlan

LIME changes the game with MyPlan
Brenda Cozier helps a customer find his mobile personality with the MyPlan app
Rossini George showing off the MyPlan app to an interested customer

LIME has transformed the telecommunications industry again, with the launch of MyPlan, a game-changing mobile offering that gives customers the opportunity to sign up for a flexible postpaid plan that includes voice, text messages and data, and also gives them the option to customize the plan with bolt-ons.

With MyPlan, postpaid mobile customers sign up for the core plan that provides a combination of voice, text messages and data for one low monthly fee. Customers can then add additional voice, text and data bundles to suit their needs and lifestyle. They can choose the add-ons individually or collectively, and they can also change the package combination monthly.

In addition, when customers sign up for a 12 or 24 month MyPlan contract, they can purchase a 4G-enabled Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone for just $499, or enjoy discounts on phones from Alcatel, BlackBerry, Huawei, iPhone or Samsung, among others.

Customers who already own a phone but who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract can sign up for a rolling one-month plan, which allows them to enjoy the same value and benefits available with the MyPlan long-term plans.

MyPlan also allows customers to share their plans with friends and family. For a low monthly fee you can add extra people to your account

The minutes in the MyPlan packages can be used for calls to any LIME mobile and landline network locally and regionally, to other local operators (landline and mobile) as well as to the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands (USVI) and to UK landlines only. The text component can be used for local, regional and international text messages.

Brenda Cozier helps a customer find his mobile personality with the MyPlan app

LIME General Manager Chris Williams said the company understands that telecommunications in Saint Lucia and the wider Caribbean is constantly evolving, hence the reason for the new enhancement of its mobile offerings.

“LIME is changing the way customers think about mobile calling. Our introduction of MyPlan makes mobile calling more affordable than ever,” said Chris.

“With this groundbreaking new offer, we are giving customers the freedom and the flexibility to communicate any way they like by choosing only the services they need and can afford, and they still enjoy the same great value. If they don’t need minutes and have a greater need for data, they don’t have to buy minutes, they can simply buy a data bolt-on. There are no hidden costs or additional charges. You only pay for what you need.

“This puts customers in control of their spend while offering them the added convenience of making adjustments to their plans at any time during the course of the contract. Moreover, with a rolling one-month contract, customers get the same great value without committing to a long term plan

All these fantastic benefits coupled with our offer of a big discount on a number of excellet handsets including the Nokia Lumia 620 for customers signing up for 12 to 24-month plans, means you will always be better off with LIME!” Chris added.


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