LIME Caribbean CEO calls for technology innovation

LIME Caribbean CEO calls for technology innovation

PRESS RELEASE – The region’s leading telecoms provider that first connected the Caribbean to the rest of the world, LIME, called on regional government ministers and fellow telecoms providers to push for greater broadband penetration, allowing Caribbean nationals and businesses to participate in the consumption, creation and commercialisation of mobile applications and digital content, capitalising on the benefits of the thriving global technology industry.

LIME Caribbean CEO, Martin Roos was lauded for his statesman-like address at the Caribbean Association National Technology Organisation (CANTO), thirtieth anniversary Ministerial Breakfast where he observed that, “The Caribbean is behind in relation to smartphone penetration and usage.”

He noted that, “You must be able to consume in order to create and Caribbean consumers need more indigenous regional content. There is also a huge opportunity to export content as the world is interested in the Caribbean. Together we must enable entrepreneurs to tap into this global ecosystem.”

“The LIME executive called on regional government ministers to remove taxes on smart phone devices as a part of their market liberalisation programme to better facilitate content creation and entrepreneurship, especially among young people.”

Noting that LIME has been the Caribbean’s  ‘green house’  for engineers, he said that the technology highway is the new playground  that will unlock and unleash the potential to export Caribbean music, sports and produce, as well as allow those in the region’s ubiquitous  hospitality industry to better position our region’s natural beauty in the global competition for tourism.

Aided by research, he predicted that mobile data will increase by a factor of ten over the next five years, and appealed for urgency in regional action so that the Caribbean is not to be left behind.

LIME is making a major network investment to the tune of US$1.05b across the Caribbean to ensure that their network will continue to transcend not just the surrounding geographic borders but connect to the gateways of the world’s sophisticated telecoms ecosystem.

The CANTO Ministerial Breakfast is a flagship event on the calendar of the annual conference which is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary under the theme, “Strategic Alliances for Sustainable Broadband Development.” It was held on Monday August 11, 2014 at the Atlantis hotel in The Bahamas.


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  1. These people have been running people dry for years. Remember the time of 128 mb/s for 150.00 smh. If I was a billionaire I'd aquire lime and destroy it afterwords destroy all equipment send everyone home that kind of service is not worth it.


  2. Oh please. Stop waiting for Government and just lead. Why don't you guys invest in exactly what you are asking for in terms of content creation. C&W/ Lime has always been a lethargic beast sitting on its behind waiting for others to lead and then they follow. If we did not have competition WE WOULD STILL BE USING DIALUP INTERNET AND TDMA MOBILE PHONES.


  3. LIME cannot handle what they have... they want more?


    A whole set of connections dropping while you talking sometimes while the connection is being made the connection drops.

    FIX DAT before you go looking for more!!!


  4. Stop saying and lead, release fibre broadband to the BVi and show the government that this is the way to go.....come on man let's do this ting!!!


  5. Before you do all these nonsense..give us better broad-band service in Saint Lucia.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for Offering us, 1,2 3 and 3 mbps internet speed.
    It's not fair to us or to any business thinking of setting shop here.


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