LIAT plane diverted after smoke observed in cabin; no fault found

LIAT plane diverted after smoke observed in cabin; no fault found

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, June 04, 2013 – The management of LIAT (1974) Limited refers to reports regarding LI 512 en route from Barbados to Antigua on Sunday May 26, 2013.

Approximately 60 miles from the V.C. Bird International Airport, passengers and the cabin attendant observed what appeared to be smoke in the cabin. The captain was notified and immediately diverted to the nearest airport, Guadeloupe, which was approximately 10 miles away. The aircraft landed without further incident.

LIAT mounted another flight to move passengers to their intended destination that same evening.

The aircraft was examined by the company’s maintenance staff and underwent various checks as stipulated by the manufacturer’s maintenance manual, however, no fault was found.

Following lengthy investigation and analysis, LIAT’s Maintenance and Engineering Department has come to the conclusion that the short period of smoke entering the cabin was caused by a transient fault in the air conditioning system.

The aircraft has since been returned to service.


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  1. A relative of mine was supposed to come in since Monday night at around 8:30 - she ended up coming in this morning at 1:00 am (Thursday)... luggage still not in St. Lucia. A friend of mine travelled on LIAT in April to Trinidad - when it was time to land, the landing gear malfunctioned... they had to circle in the air for quite some time before it worked (God forbid if the plane had run out of fuel). Time to replace the fleet!!! And those high prices for tickets... they should have been able to do that. I swear... I'm not travelling on LIAT 'til they replace those planes!!!


  2. I don't like the way the plane was examine last time I travel on liat it had issue with cooling system on


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