LIAT may cut unprofitable routes

LIAT may cut unprofitable routes


CBC – LIAT is threatening to cut air services to unprofitable destinations where governments are not supporting the airline.

Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonzalves has made this position clear at the end of a meeting of shareholder governments at the Barbados Hilton Hotel.

Dr. Gonzalves says LIAT is at a disadvantage when competing with the Trinidad based Caribbean airlines on the Port of Spain to Barbados and Antigua routes.

Meanwhile the shareholders of LIAT are moving urgently to replace the airline’s fleet of aircraft.

Dr. Gonzalves says the decision has been taken to acquire new planes.

He was speaking after a meeting of the shareholder governments attended by Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his Antigua and Barbuda counterpart Gaston Browne.

Dr. Gonzalves says the shareholders are also seeking to resolve the industrial relations problems which the airline is facing.


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  1. Liat Ahwa too much drama.
    Imagine my grand daughter in Tortolia was suppose to leave on Thursday gone due to Liat issues flight postponed to Saturday at 1:00 p.m. then to 3:00 p.m. to l0:00 p.m. overnight in Antigua until Sunday morning when she got to St. Lucia she was so tired and frustrated. Is Liat still the Caribbean airlines?.

    You buying new planes with all the frustration you putting people through.


  2. Liat liat... oh how you not getting any younger... thought by now you would be on top of this game... there are many other Airlines starting and ready to do the job, if i had the money i`d start a company and beat them at their own game for sure because they`re not ready yet. I see no reason why any government should subside liat as they were the sole operating carrier in the caribbean, with the opportunity to make money in cargo, quickpak and many other services that could be rendered to the general public.


  3. Ralph juts startled his new airport must be almost done its the Boot for Liat soon ! American Eagle we miss you Caribbean Sun and Star we miss you even more !


  4. Are they adding to the fleet or replacing the fleet all together? If memory serves me right those ATR's only recently replaced the DH8's. If they are replacing, what are they replacing to and why.


  5. It makes real sense. LIAT should not operate like a charity. Cut the high fares too, since they too now will not have to be charged to subsidise the unprofitable routes.

    Cut the frequency of flights as a first measure. Let the hotels and guesthouses located near the airports make some money for a change.


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