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LIAT loan guarantee needs Parliamentary approval

Marcathian Alexander, Government Information Service

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Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has clarified the LIAT loan guarantee issue after concerns were raised by Castries Central MP Richard Frederick at Tuesday’s House sitting.

Last week in a show of support to the airline, the Government had announced that it agreed to guarantee an EC$3M loan to the cash strapped airline.

Addressing Parliament, Dr. Anthony said the guarantee has been agreed upon but requires Parliamentary approval in order to be effected. “A government can decide they going to give a guarantee but no guarantee takes effect until you come to the House. All I indicated was that the government of St Lucia agrees to give LIAT a guarantee. Obviously, it must mean that you have to come to the House at the right time provided that LIAT can raise the loan for the government to agree the guarantee.”

Dr. Anthony noted that the government would not agree to any loan guarantee without giving careful consideration its terms and interest rates. Additionally, the prime minister condemned the animosity levelled at LIAT as he said this affected Saint Lucians employed with the airline.

“I think it is very unfortunate the animosity towards LIAT that has been expressed by some. There are Saint Lucian workers employed at LIAT and they are hurting from the animosity that is expressed about LIAT.”

Dr. Anthony said the public is free to question the service offered by the LIAT and that he too was guilty of that.

“By all means criticise management decisions of LIAT, but also too we have St Lucians working there and they ought not to be victims of animosity towards the airline.”


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  1. Son Of Helen thanks for the correction.


  2. What's wrong with you'll Lucians. The guy is going to the house to get the necessary approval and you'll are trying to insinuate that he got caught trying to use the back door.
    What else to you'll want. I thought the concern would be whether to guarantee or not.


    • @On The Fence, Kenny did not mention the House until Frederick brought it up (finally, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is doing their job), so yes he was up to his same old tricks again.

      And FYI, you'll means 'you will' whereas y'all is you all.


  3. What the hell KDA talking about animosity to St. Lucian employees? Are these employees satisfied with their jobs? Are they being paid on time? Are they forced to try to keep these jobs because of our current economic condition - this is where the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs would have served these St. Lucians very well. This is still your doing KDA that they continue to suffer. They suffer not because of animosity directed at the airline. They suffer because the current government duped them, took them for fools, rode them to the ballot box and smiles slyly as they remain in limbo but "The Boys" eat the fat of the land. So don't pretend not to know where the buck stops. It stop at you sir.


  4. Amazing he did not take the same diligence or maybe just different tricks when dealing with Rochamel.


  5. Haha...this time Kenny got caught trying to use the back door.


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