LIAT congratulates Barbados on 48th Independence Anniversary


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ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Nov. 30, 2014 –
LIAT, The Caribbean Airline congratulates the Government and People of Barbados as the country marks 48 years of political independence today.

LIAT Chief Executive Officer David Evans said Barbados has made great progress and has achieved an enviable level of development in 48 years and this gives all Barbadians good reason to celebrate.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff, it gives me great pleasure to extend heartfelt congratulations as you celebrate 48 years as an independent nation. We extend our best wishes for the continued progress and development,” Mr. Evans said.

Barbados is LIAT’s largest shareholder and serves as one of the airline’s main hubs.

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  1. Havent you seen lucia is the leading honeymoon destination so menny times?? therefore it's something great of lucia. what the ell Barbados have? that lucia don't have? you bluddy guys are so nasty look the way you guys treet ppl from Guyana/jamaika. just pray a a real bad storm don't kick your ass off your feet.

  2. What is all those crazy talk comeing from. we all do need each other at times. that's why the Caribbean wont get anyway. we are to bluddy selfish. saint lucia is very rich in culture. what the ............ you have? we are both French and English so shut the........ up. that's why most ppl in the Caribbean don't like most of you guys. it's fig and breth fruth vs flying fish and corn meel so go to ell for me lucia for life!

  3. Happy 48th independence anniversary Barbados. One for all and all for one.

    • "One for all and all for one" that is the attitude we need to adopt on this island instead of the crabs in a barrel attitude that exist.

  4. No one cares.
    And how the hell this becomes news in St. Lucia?

    • @ AB
      We can only hope your lack of class is not symptomatic of Saint Lucians as a whole. Barbados helped out Saint Lucia in so many crises from hurricanes to deadly floods to getting your tourist industry started and that's your reply. Barbados is the Number One Developing country on the planet according to the UN HDI. Not sure where Saint Lucia ranks but I hope its making progress.
      Let me take this opportunity to wish Barbados richest blessings on its 48th Anniversary of Independence. On and Up Bim!

      • I am Not interested in poor countries that will never have any substantial wealth or even have the ability to have a military to defend it's citizens and boarders.

        I a also Not interested in poor countries with the same problems across the board.

        I am interested in wealthy countries that is able to protect and defend it's citizens, protect it's boarders, protect it's women and children, proper infrastructure and so forth.

        Not a bunch of poor islands, each think they're better than the other, getting in a "Vex" mode with one another to the point of being insulting to the other (like little women).

        When those small poor islands are able to do the above, then I will have the time.
        Until then, I cannot give two damns.
        And this shouldn't be on this website.
        It's an insult!!!

      • Ok you were going well until you started speaking about development and the comparison to the two islands so your statement has its flaws also... We all in these islands have to remember when one island sneeze all the rest catches a cold! So we need to stop all this selfish and incentive comments and grow up....but on a change of topic Happy Birthday BIM from a Patriotic Lucian!!

      • Salop when a man have to much pride you know what the......... happens? he dround in his own blood. im a prowd Lucian. so u can kiss my ass


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