LIAT CEO resigns

LIAT CEO resigns
David Evans
David Evans
David Evans

ANTIGUA OBSERVER – The CEO of the regional carrier – LIAT – has resigned just shy of two years on the job.

A well-placed source has confirmed that David Evans called it quits after “a heated meeting with the board of directors last Thursday”.

The source did not disclose the agenda item from the fateful meeting.

The reasons for the head of the carrier’s departure are unknown at this point.

Word of his exit comes just over a year after Prime Minister Gaston Browne called for his resignation.

Browne was adamant at that time that the CEO, who had been on the job for about a year, should tender his resignation after a plan emerged to collapse LIAT and form a new airline solely owned by Barbados.


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  1. As predicted Caribbean Airlines will buy off Liat or why not offer it to Jet Blue or South West . Why not ?


  2. LIAT is run by politicians and not by the charade position of CEO. As soon as the position holders realize that they have no true power they quit.


  3. The only saving grace is that the frequent replacement of CEOs has not affected LIAT's safety record. LIAT's flights leave anytime and one can count on its CEOs, in similar fashion, to quit anytime.


  4. LIAT is a joke. These politicians want a puppet, not a CEO. The CEO should have the ability to run LIAT as a legitimate business, where it can not spend more than it earns,(politicians would not know what that means). Caribbean taxpayers are being asked to throw hard earned money down the drain supporting LIAT. They should let LIAT fail, it has caused enough pain in the region. LIAT will continue to be a failure unless it is run as a true business.


  5. He almost lasted 2 years. I'm impressed. The position of CEO of LIAT is a revolving door.

    With so many CEO changes in the last few years, and prohibitively high fares discouraging people from traveling in the region, the inevitable question is: can LIAT ever be successful under the leadership of Ralph Gonsalves and Jean Holder?


  6. There we go again. LIAT has had more CEO'S than staff members at any one time. There seem to be a very big problem in LIAT. why is it that every CEO who boast of having a wealth of experience, cannot get LIAT out the deep hole? After closing most of their City Offices ( which was a dumb idea ). I thought LIAT would be flying high like a breeze in the air, but instead they are sinking deeper and deeper in the mud. The powers that be must really look into some other mode of transportation for the traveling public, because I do not think LIAT will be there much longer. I smell a rat


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