LIAT CEO reiterates company’s commitment to working with its trade unions

LIAT CEO reiterates company’s commitment to working with its trade unions
Captain Brunton
Captain Brunton

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, November 20, 2012 – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of regional airline LIAT (1974) Ltd, Captain Ian Brunton, says the company remains committed to working with all 10 trade unions representing its employees.

In late October, Captain Brunton participated in his first meeting of the Regional Consultative Council of Trade Unions within the LIAT System since his appointment as CEO on August 1, 2012.

During the meeting, held in Antigua, the CEO updated the union leaders, led by Chairman Senator Chester Humphrey of Grenada, on the challenges faced by the company, and how he is working with his management team to chart the way forward in a bid to turn the airline around.

Captain Brunton addressed recent media reports which attributed statements to him portraying LIAT trade unions in a negative light and indicated that this was not his intention.

The CEO said that as a former trade union leader he knows the important roles which unions play and that they may sometimes have to aggressively get their message across for the benefit of their members.

Captain Brunton said the management team which he leads remains committed to a fair and equitable working relationship with all employee groups within the company.

The consultative mechanism was put in place during a meeting of LIAT’s three shareholder prime ministers, board, management and unions in 2009, to improve the level of communication within the company.

The October meeting was also attended by LIAT’s Director of Human Resources Ms. Ilean Ramsey and Human Resources Manager, Industrial and Employee Relations Ms. Juleika Horton.


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