LIAR: Divorced boyfriend says he is still married

LIAR: Divorced boyfriend says he is still married

Dear Willie:
I have been with my boyfriend for five years now. He lives in Canada and I live in St. Lucia.

Our relationship has always been long distance. I go up to see him and he comes down to see me. He is a citizen of Canada because he got married many years ago, but now he is divorced.

Willie I had a conversation with him about us getting married because I’m seeing we are in a relationship that’s back and forth and I want to settle down, start my family etc. When I spoke to him about it, he said oh he can’t get married to me because he is still married.

Willie I know he is not married because when I first met him he told me everything, and I have seen the divorce papers myself. What should I do? Should I end the relationship because clearly he doesn’t want to settle down with me.


Dear Confused: I am wondering, why are you confused? I think he’s a player.

Either he showed you a fake divorce paper or papers of incomplete divorce proceedings which you did not read properly OR, he got married after that without you knowing.

I don’t believe this was a relationship either. How can you be in a long distance relationship for five years? Not like he was going to school. He lives in Canada! So am thinking that after at least two years, one of you would compromise and move in with each other.

It does not appear like anyone was missing anyone.  I guess it was just about releasing some water in spare times.

I also believe the guy is not ready for marriage or settling down so he comes up with something.

Well, based on my response, and your letter, you know what to do already.


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  1. Believe the man when he tells you - he is still married. After all, what most men have are actions and/or words.. not only did he said that he is married, he is clrealy showing that he does not want to marry you. What more confirmation you can get than that? Just accept it my friend-as difficult as it is. Good luck


  2. this is utter non sense. the man wont make a way for you in canada, thats obvious by now, make a way for yourself in st.lucia. if he willing to come all here for what u hv, even if is few times..there must be sum other person who will appreciate


  3. STUPID LUCIAN WOMAN!!!THANK God i only have a son. You not married to the man and you like AB said handing the man the FORBIDDEN FRUIT on a platter!!!What you expect STUPID!!!


  4. The problem here is not the long distance relationship but the lack of commitment. I agree totally with Willie if he wants to continue the relationship by now you would be in his space or he in yours. Five years invested on a relationship is a lot but don't waste another day.... Move on honey cut the ties. You can get another guy to settle down. If you say with him you are Diminishing your chances.


  5. wham to these Lucian women!!!!! Jus sooo?????? There is a thin line between being NAIVE and being STUPID...All the nice descent men Lucia have and u settling for that long distance bullshit!!!! SMH and you will say MEN NOT GOOD!!!!


  6. woman, what the hell is wrong with you,? You are as dumb as they come.5 year long distance relationship, please girl open your eyes.didn't it cross your mind once that he might have another life up there?I just have to laugh at your story


  7. Now Alex please read over Ur comments and edit. As for the confused young lady just leave the guy yes its been 5 yrs but time heals everything. With time the feeling of hurt will pass


  8. I gotta laugh at the stupidity of most Saint Lucian women.

    After fives years of wrapping the forbidden fruit in all kinds of fancy lacy panties and handing it to him on a platter, you expect the guy to really put "A" ring on it?
    Are you that dense that you can't even figure out what the "Heck" is going on?
    Or perhaps, you would love to abandon Saint Lucia (altogether) marry the guy and get Canadian citizenship, whilst feeding off the scraps of bread that falls off the tables of Canadians?
    Perhaps that's it.

    I have friend who is looking for Lucian woman to settle down with.
    He is a Financial analyst and is British born.
    Let me know if you're interested.


    • AB does that mean the Lucian woman will get British citizenship whilst feeding off the scraps bread that falls off the tables of the British?


      • There you go, "Tia"
        You know how?
        In order to pick up the crumbs of Bread she has to ( you know ) bend forward and that's instant approval.

        A woman has alot of power and can destroy nations. 🙂


  9. Girl,once you good looking and you looking to get married just, come to Soufriere.I guarantee you that you go get a man to give you exactly what you looking for, even if we get divorce the day after.


  10. You people really need to read over your comments and edit them. I can look pass the 'eh' for ain't (well I trying), but been for being and leave for living and vice versa. Y'all serious?!

    As it pertains to the subject at hand, Confused - smh. You are committed no ras-ta-far-i. Kudos for that, and a long distance for all that time?! Jah-knor me rate you big time. But I can't defend that nonsense. From he say he married 'Tory done', shop shut and plane a leave. Babes, end that and move on.


    • @ Alex, most posters here are using their tablets or smartphones. Now with the infusion of predictive text, crap goes "Haywire"

      Sometimes my comments are riddled with grammatical errors simply because of using my smartphone or tablets.

      Remember that most people don't really care.

      But i have ask Merrick to do the editing.
      He has since refused.

      I will offer him some cash to "BOOT" 🙂


  11. Young lady I was in a long distance relationship for two years, .my boyfriend would visit me ever three months and I visited when he couldn't. But after the second year he made his intentions clear that he could continue the back and forth and that he want me to move to be with him. I did and today we are married, that's a man that knows what he want. you man apparently lying and does not want to settle with you. he just wants the holiday treat when he comes. Kick his ass to the curb and move the hell on, That's five years of your life you cant get back. and you wondering if you should give him more?. This man is clearly using you. open your eyes!!!


  12. I live in London and my fiancé lives in st Lucia we are in a relationship and it's very healthy we see each other twice a year and we together for 6 year and still we trust and love each other very much getting married soon so distance is not a problem wen u love each other


  13. Hey Girlfriend

    God said be wise not FOOLISH. God gave you
    a brain in your blood well head USE IT.

    You are been fooled.


  14. open your eyes girl ! mate reach canada already and he has his documents he eh go want to help you. take that from a Lucian who has hers already. the struggle is real, and expensive. If he is successful now with his citizenship and he does not want to help you out for you guys to be a power couple..that aint the man for you. He is just using you and probably already married to someone else, or maybe still married to the person who gave him his documents. Find your own way, and remember success is the best revenge !


  15. He's a player cause For one if he loved you, then you would be living with him other than that back and forth shit I agree with willie he is a player who iss already married and only have you for your body, but who am I to judge that's what some of you'll women love to be in long distance relationships you should live him and stick to your own kind lucian men