Levern qualifies for Worlds, Olympics!

Levern qualifies for Worlds, Olympics!

It’s been a frustrating season for Levern Spencer. The 31-year-old from Babonneau has missed out time and again on the qualifying mark for the 2015 IAAF World Championships and 2016 Olympic Games.

That all changed on Saturday, when Levern competed at the 33rd Meeting Madrid in Spain. The Saint Lucia national champion and Central American and Caribbean victrix went clear at 1.80m, 1.84m, 1.88m and 1.91m, each time on her first attempt.

At 1.94m, the qualifying height for this year’s Worlds and next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Levern was clear on her first attempt again.

The Entrepot Secondary alumna is now eligible for her third Olympics and sixth World Championships, an amazing record for the CARICOM record holder.

Levern will join fellow countrywoman Jeannelle Scheper at both global meets. Jeannelle has cleared 1.96m earlier this season, and will be at her second Worlds and first Olympics.

On Saturday, Uzbekistan’s Svetlana Radzivil also cleared 1.94 to take joint second with Levern. Spanish champion Ruth Beitia, now in her 36th year, cleared 1.96 to win, after missing her first try at the prior height.

Meanwhile, Jeannelle was also entered in Madrid, but she struggled in securing sixth place. The 20-year-old (21 in November) needed all three attempts at 1.88 and at 1.91, failing at 1.94.

Both Jeannelle and Levern are set to represent Saint Lucia at the Pan Am Games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada later this month, ahead of the World Championships in Beijing, China.

They are the only two Caribbean women in the world’s very crowded top 10, Jeannelle at eight and Levern entering at joint 10th on Saturday.


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  1. Lavern always qualifies to the olympic finals and when she gets there , she acts like some neg mawoh and never does well


    • @ mastermind. You again? What has Lavern done to you? You bitter little person.

      She has accomplished more than you ever will.

      GO LAVERN!!!


    • First, it's Levern. Second, qualifying for the finals of a global meet makes her one of the top 10 athletes in her discipline in the world. that is something to be applauded.


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