LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop making yourselves look foolish on Facebook

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop making yourselves look foolish on Facebook

I want to bring to the attention of the public, and especially all users of Facebook, the need to act wisely, with common sense, when posting information on such social networks.

Yes, I know we are living in the last days and the scriptures already point out that people will be displaying negative attitudes that will be anything but godly (2 Timothy 3:1-5) hence we do not expect that all Facebook users will change for the better. But this does not mean that each of us has to be a part of the negative fulfillment of prophecy. So, can we pay more attention to the dirty expressions, the indecent language that some of us use?

I’ve seen people, who claim to be Christian, posting sh…,  a…,  f… words  on Facebook. Then you see them reading the Bible, singing religious songs, and behaving as though they are so holy. How ridiculous! Though we are not perfect, we certainly have the ability to do much better in our use of Facebook.

There are the few who use Facebook decently and I commend them for doing so. To others who don’t, why not show some respect for the Almighty? Remember, Jehovah is the MOST HIGH, the one with everlasting strength (Psalms 83:18; Isaiah 26:4)

Being the highest person in the entire universe, and the CREATOR as well, we should try hard to use clean expressions on Facebook and elsewhere, thus showing proper respect for God and His position (Revelation 4:11)

Remember, Jehovah sees every thought that comes to our mind, every letter we write as we express those thoughts on Facebook. Remember too that we ALL have to give to God account for our thoughts, speech, and actions (Romans 14:12) therefore, avoid making yourselves foolish on Facebook.

Let us express clean, pure thoughts, like God’s Son, Jesus Christ, encourage us to do (Luke 6:45) Let us “bring forth that which is good” on facebook and elsewhere.


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  1. uuumm let god do the judging here....those posting their stuff on fb know right from wrong...its no ones place to say what they can and cannot do...mind ya'll business


  2. One doesn't simply impose his religious belief on others...so what if I don't believe in your God and such...does that still mean I have to make my Facebook a holy place? And what if I have no regard to anything of a Christian nature should I stop pleasing myself to make Christians happy? You see the thing is when I logged in on Facebook it was with my email and my password and it have access to a profile I created with my pictures and friends...if you don't like what you see on my wall...use the unfriend button...you so believe in God that when young people die you always say they in heaven with God...you skipped the judgment day part my friend...if you ain't judging the dead don't judge the living...


    • Your reason and your logic does not follow. Is it ok that I beat my wife every day? If that makes me happy, shouldn't I continue doing it? If its my home, my private life shouldn't everyone stay out of my business? No! No one thinks like that. You would say that I am wrong for beating my wife, but why am I wrong? If that pleases me why should anyone judge me for that? See there is something called morality, and if there is morality there is a moral law, if there is a moral law then there is a moral law giver. We are accountable to Him for every action and every idle word we speak.


  3. Just remember that every idle word we say will be brought up at the judgement. Be careful what what you say.


  4. where in the bible does it say thou shalt not cuss? infact... what is a cuss word anyway? fackity fack fack fack... what if i take a completely acceptable word and start using it as a substitute for the f word, does it then become a cuss word?

    good poking night.


  5. What kind of God sits there, or stands, or floats on a cloud, or whatever... and watches what 1.11 billion people post on Facebook every second of the day? He needs to get off his butt and do something to help those starving children in Africa instead. What people choose to post on Facebook is their damn business! Tell your God to get a life!


    • Sorry typo. That was meant to read 'you can't' walk with God holding hands with the devil'.


  6. I totally agree. These are my sentiments exactly.We need to remember though that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, not everyone who says Lord Lord is is child/ servant. This behaviour potrays the moral decay in our society even among those who profess God. These troubled days when we need God the most people are manifestiing the statements "Iam my own god and i can do whatever I want".The same tongue which curses can't pray effectively.Light and darkness don't mix. Gotta choose one side!


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