LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Monica Fevrier responds to Dr. Gale Rigobert on VAT

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Monica Fevrier responds to Dr. Gale Rigobert on VAT
Dr. Gale Rigobert, leader of the Oppposition
Dr. Gale Rigobert, leader of the Oppposition

Dear Editor:
I could not help but respond to Samuel Sukhnandan’s article published on St. Lucia News Online on July 31st 2014 regarding Dr. Gale Rigobert and the United Worker’s Party’s (UWP) political selfishness, of awaiting until the people of St. Lucia vote for them to implement what they believe will be a suitable tax system that will address the flaws of VAT in St. Lucia.

Hello, I have news for you Gale. If you want to get my vote and those of my family and relatives in your constituency, you need to be more sensitive to the immediate resolve of the citizen’s economic demise because, while you wait to be re-elected, our people may well be impoverished before the 2016 elections. You made it abundantly clear, although with skewed exaggeration, that our disposable incomes have not only shrunk but disappeared. Yet, you believe that in the interest of an immediate turnaround of such economic despair you will wait until possibly 2016 general elections. Where is the urgent sense of remarkable governance on your part as it relates to the principles of democracy?

I can recall reading a few articles written by some candidates within the Lucian People’s Movement and I was very impressed that, although they have not been fully recognized, they are making significant strides by immediately recommending multi-sector problem solving strategies to the current administration. Although history has shown that Kenny Anthony will not observe I strongly believe that their ideas are fundamentally doable in many cases. I am disheartened that while the global economy is taking a turn for the worse we are still not rewarding political candidates for their ideas and contribution to the local economy regardless of whether they are in government or not. This must change and I hope and pray that things do not get even worse before they can get better.

I can recall the efforts of the Leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Mr. Therold Prudent of Gros Islet commencing a Home and Garden Initiative to the people of his constituency. He purchased garden supplies and went around his constituency to deliver those packages to neighbours. This example in my view is a remarkable start to injecting greater subsistence living awareness, emanating from someone who did not win many votes at the last election. Doubling the tax on cigarettes and alcohol is another initiative I can recall was recommended by the LPM. Clearly these efforts are the principles of democracy and good governance at work. So Gale, if your interest to the Micoud North constituents has to wait until you get elected then take your personal ambitions elsewhere.

When the St. Lucia Labor Party lost the elections in 2006, our country’s debt to GDP ratio was already at disturbing levels (63.8 – 65 percent). When the United Workers Party returned to office in 2007 the debt levels escalated further. If our public debt to GDP ratio in 2011 was 68.5% and was financed solely by borrowing from internal and external sources what does that say about the management of our country’s debt while in the hands of the two main political parties in St.Lucia?

Your party and the current administration faltered tremendously and that is in my opinion the main reason why St.Lucia’s current impoverish situation exist. The implementation of the VAT at such an alarming rate may have been untimely, but its absence could have had far worse implications than we have to date.

Can we still do better as a government and people to curb or prioritize our spending habits? Yes we can but it must incorporate the policy vision that addresses our financial, economic and social dejections of today.


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  1. Interesting. You voted an Party into power that has only served you years of negative growth and loss of jobs and you are taking the opposition to task! This is the most ridiculous preposition. Shouldn't we all be on the streets demanding that they shape up or be shipped out?

    The opposition has no power or means to change the current economic mess. It is all in the hands of the SLP and they are continuing with the wasteful UNTARGETED social programs that worsens the problem and you are taking Gale on! Shouldn't you be concerned about the fact that the government will be spending $11.4M in Laptops and $500 gifts to first formers where an unknown proportion of those households can afford to meet to expenses especially when ideas have been submitted that would vastly reduce the cost of secondary school education which have been ignored in favor of his waste.


  2. The most we can do is to hold Gail to her words if she gets elected. What more can she do? Only cross the floor and hope her ideas can resonate with the red party.

    People who are calling for Gail to do something or say something are total idiots. They themselves have more power to suggests those things to the government than gail. After all they elected the government so they should listen to them or they should do what is required - protest.

    I think all the people criticising Gail are just plain detractors and just serve to discredit her. They probably belong to her opponents' party.


  3. This is one hell of a stupid Letter To The Editor. Why would this Monica Fevrier pick a fight with Gail because Gail decides to review VAT, and to possibly make changes if the UWP forms the next government.
    Does this Monica really believe for one minute that Kenny Anthony would accept any changes to VAT? The answer is NO. Changes will only come with a new administration.


    • Now this is one hell of a stupid blog coming from you. There is nothing wrong in questioning Gail and I can perfectly understand why people want policians to show they hands with regards to what they want to do for the country. Just too many lies and broken promises. People have the right to demand that politicians say what they intend to do. No one is saying they have the power to impliment anything. But aleast it will be there for everyone to note it was said!!!!!!
      This isnt 1950. This is 2014. Get on with the times.


      • So you really mean there are ignorant people among us who don't think the people have the right to questions politicians? No wonder we are so backward. Choops Tan!


  4. You bunch of retards. You keep getting poorer. Kenny and co keep getting richer and you keep getting more divided by the minute. Do you think that any politician gives a toss about any of you? It's all about the money. Stop fighting for red and yellow and start fighting for yourselves and your families. When you stand up to politicians and make them accountable, then you're cooking with gas...day bun coooyon


  5. Aa. Lucians acting like the did not know Kenny. You'll voted him into power and now you'll want Gail to come and save us. Aa.


  6. SNO SLP yardfowls all rounded up, they came en masse to drown out Dr. Rigobert, whilst cutting out favourable supporting viewpoints. You are all are going to suffer, idiots. Saint Lucia is going to suffer. Ahead, are the better days.


    • Don't worry. At the next annual party conference, the SLP will be debating whether to make Kenny a saint or a God. Look at how he has blessed this country with abundance.


  7. Looshan never ever stop showing their naivete.

    With all their brilliant ideas, how come LPM has not been able to implement not even one of their most super ideas?

    Why hasn't the SLP not implemented not one of any of the LPM's most brilliant ideas? Why SLP has not implemented even the most doable or even a low-cost or no-cost aspect of the Quadrant Plan?

    You have to be a real dummy not to see that SLP does not have the inherent capacity to execute. There is no Finisterre. It takes more than just empty talk to get things done. Implementation requires skill. The same goes for LPM and UWP.

    But this forum hardly ever rises above discussing people. Everything seems to revolve around the person rather than the ideas presented.

    We are reminded:
    "Small minds discuss people.
    Average minds discuss events.
    Great minds discuss issues."

    Then take you pick:
    "Wise men think alike.
    Fools seldom differ."


    • Dr. Rigobert is leading by example. She is doing what companies do when times are bad. They look at their inward strengths and weaknesses and retool for the recovery with a plan of action.

      Dr. Rigobert is showing the way, where she is taking time off to STUDY THE PROBLEM instead of just jumping to confusion. This is typical of the SLP, with a very long history of compounding one disaster with another.

      We have seen how simplistic, shallow reasoning and even dumb logic gave us Roachasmell, loss of Black Bay lands, and the bottomless financial pit of the Grynberg expenses, without Saint Lucia ever gaining any assets in return. How financially dumb!

      I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Rigobert. We still have some residue of economic sovereignty left. That is even though most of this has been squandered with an SLP overdraft on prudent economic insight.

      The wise among us would agree a study of our taxation system and policies, with the view to modification, if she is given the mandate. That is too, if our backward males can ever get to thinking beyond associating a woman's ability with her choice of hairstyle.


  8. Well said , untill we can understand ,the idea that a nations success depends on it's people successes we are doom ! Untill we the people ask ourselves what can we do fir St Lucia rather than what at Lucia can do for us ..we are doom .and when we start taking all of our politicians to task we are doom ! The problem with St Lucia didn't start today it's been festering from way back with the lost of green gold , and yes we can clearly say both parties has let us down and mal management our affairs ! If UWP want in " again" they better start laying or rather tell us exactly how they intent to rectified or at least try , so what if SLP uses thier suggestions " we'd know where it came from like duh !!!?


  9. Put the money back in our pockets. If we have to continue on this trend and have to wait for 2016 to kick this government out we, the people of this once beautiful nation will be in a mess.


  10. I keep asking the same question. Where is the love ? The answer is, "there is no love". If there is a bit of love, it is for self and not for the people. Why would one let it's people suffer even for a day if one can prevent it? They pretend to love. They also pretend to have the answers. I strongly believe that if anyone had the answers to solve our problem, they would at least share it to boost their ego. The answers and love are make belief. We all need to fight the demon until we become free. I strongly believe that the fight is on.


  11. You can't expect an opposition party to implement thier tax refom policy. All they can do is review with the intention to implement. They can talk from now until doomsday and nothing will happen so why attack them.


  12. thank god we still have st lucians we can see what is going on and putting some light on things


  13. This is so much an asinine comment regarding Dr. Rigobert's statement on the Vat that it scarcely needs a response. But alas! We have so many darn low-information processing moronic UWP and SLP en rouge-nistas. With open palms outstretched out before them, they are totally incapable of thinking for themselves.

    First of all, who in fact does have control of the reins of ALL instruments of government departments, IN THE PARLIAMENTARY Westminster system of government? Is it the majority in parliament, or is it those sitting in opposition?

    Dr. Rigobert has been quite exemplary in explaining the current state of economic affairs by laying out the issues before the people. This very much unlike those who do not appear to be more than just onlookers at cricket game in visitors' box. They are always out somewhere else or the other.

    Tell us why has all the brilliant ideas of the LPM been ignored? The short version of the answer? They have never been given the reins of power. They are powerless to implement 95% of them. That's why.

    Saint Lucians are just tribal Africans without the facial scars of tribal marks, living in the West Indies. They have no blasted common sense or an individual sense of responsibility for their future.

    We are so in love with our extremely idiotic tribal leaders who for individual followers can do absolutely no wrong.

    We continue pinch our nostrils and gulp all of their nastiness thrown at us.

    We will be continuing to pay bitterly for some time to come, for our individual stupidity and our national idiocy just as we are paying for now. Therefore, I have absolutely no pity for those suffering under Kenny. We always get the government we deserve. Idiots!


  14. Wow.
    The Bible says "You will know them by their fruits"

    Though i agree with Mr. Gayle Rigobert that Vat has caused inflation to sky rocket, they (UWP) has not offered any remedy to the dire situation we've found ourselves.
    And the reason is simple...They have no idea what to do or say. They've got no plan.
    Because at the end of the day, Saint Lucia belongs to Each and Every Born or Naturalized Person that lives here.
    And if this country sinks, we all are going to sink with it.

    So, if the UWP had anything that made sense and could have presented it to the public, by now they would have done it.

    It simply shows what caliber of people we are electing (AMONGST US) to lead us.
    You have to remember they are our peers.
    Similar to when Jury selection is done and an indictable matter moves forward.

    It is shameful to see that the UWP do not have any Idea what to do other than talking rubbish just so we can know they still exist.

    If LPM were better organized and ready, i would vote for them, instead of the Current political party Jokers we have been electing over the years to feed off us without showing any slate.

    We have been duped by all those we've been electing and nothing changes.
    Broken system is what characterizes those political parties.

    I am yet to see those parties FIX any branch of Governance, or key infrastructure.
    They cannot Fix the Civil Status Registry, cannot Fix Transportation, Cannot Fix the Health Sector, cannot Fix the Education etc.

    So to whom have we been voting for all those years, when nothing has been FIXED?


  15. I could agree with you more.Good response,at least we still have sensible individuals in our midst.


  16. Gail just like that you put yourself in papishow? You mean you did not have a better answer to give? So you expect people to just vote for you and the party without showing slates. People suffering and you there shooting sh.t? come on!!


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