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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jadia Jn. Pierre can’t fool me

By Arianna Phillips

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Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel, press secretary to the Prime Minister

As an avid reader and listener to our country’s developments I could not help but respond to the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Jadia Jn. Pierre-Emmanuel’s explanation on Timothy Poleon’s radio segment of Newspin on January 30, 2014 of the government’s reasoning behind selecting Anthony Astaphan as one of the attorneys to spearhead the investigations that resulted in Allen Chastanet and Ezechiel Joseph receiving subpoenas. 

Jadia made it clear that the decision to select Anthony Astaphan is in the best interest of the country and that the government is committed to restoring integrity in public life.

Like any astute St. Lucian of which our country has an abundance, I did some research on Anthony Astaphan’s involvement in the St. Lucia Labour Party’s agenda in the Rochamel scandal as well as its political campaigns leading up to the last election. I cannot help but recall an article published in The Voice on November 10, 2011 titled, “Panic-stricken Kenny Brings in Astaphan’s venom.”


According to this article, concerns emerged over Anthony Astaphan’s involvement in the SLP’s campaigns where he was alleged to have made, “Blatant lies calculated to deceive and insult the people of St. Lucia.” According to the article Astaphan was allegedly accused of referring to supporters of the UWP as “jaundiced” and “intellectually challenged.” So it is clear that Anthony Astaphan defended Kenny Anthony in the court of law regarding the Rochamel case coupled with making a contribution to enhancing the SLP agenda prior to the last election.

Jadia I am utterly disappointed with the way you used the constitution to defend the selection of Astaphan to lead the investigation mentioned above. As press secretary you have ample time to realise that what the constitution describes and what is practiced can send a strong disturbing public message to the many St. Lucians like myself, that are familiar with Astaphan’s affiliation with the SLP.

This is without question “a conflict of interest” on the part of the current administration, and it is inconsistent to Kenny’s commitment to restoring integrity in the country. Astaphan needs to be replaced immediately. I am not a supporter of bad political practice but I strongly recommend to the attorneys who will represent Allen Chastanet and Ezechiel Joseph that they request a change in the government’s representation in these legal proceedings, adding sufficient available evidence to prove their case.

In the same Newspin segment in which Jadia called in, she was proud to announce that in two years the St. Lucia Labour Party has completed 200 projects under the Constituency Development Programme. I applaud the current administration for their initiatives in that regard however I am yet to hear of at least one project that remained in operation due to efficient reinvestment mechanism, hence keeping citizens at work for the long haul.

In as much as our increasingly impoverished citizens need money to meet their everyday needs, there are ways in which private/public sector ventures can help boost sustainable employment for a small number of employees that is certain to grow overtime. It is difficult for me to comprehend that the government pours millions of dollars in short-term programmes while unemployment levels continue to spiral to uncontrollable levels.

It means that new and existing programmes have to be executed in sustainable ways for the most part if there is any chance that of our struggling economy can begin to rebound. When money is hard to find, integrity transparency and accountability has to be fully executed consistent to gaining long-term public trust. This means that is the people are not part of this democratic process, Kenny you are in your own cocoon of deceit and in 2016 the public will let you know how they feel at the polls.

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  1. There is a provision in the Westminster system which allows the Head of State to be questioned every week. Its called "Prime Minister's question time". Why do you think that something like that has never been implented?

  2. Does spending over $40,000 to recover $38,000 really make economical sense Mr.P.M . Yet you all considering retrenchment in certain government departments.SMH...Go St.Lucia Go..

  3. M.O. - Modus Operandi

  4. This is Astaphan's M.O., insulting people's intelligence and lieing. Ask the Dominican people. He is legal counsel for Prime Minister Skerrit of the Dominica Labour Party Government.

  5. Oh Please!!! What a load of tosh.This bias and lopsided letter is punctuated with nothing but bile and verbatim. What an indignant woman? Your riposte epitomizes nothing but medieval physiology associated with anger and gloominess.Why the vicious attack? This is characterized with nothing but malice.

    Your attack on Jadia is unpleasantly severe harsh and venomous.People like you are quick to be critical.From your comments I am able to ascertain how blatant and transparently bias you are.

    You end with the words "Kenny you are in your own cocoon of deceit and in 2016 the public will let you know how they feel at the polls." See how far you've reached already. We have a long way to go before the next elections and there you calling for the downfall of the party in power. This last statement of yours is marked by deep ill will and is deliberately harmful.

    What an onslaught? Why blame the indefatigable Jadia? Personally I think the prime minister's press secretary have been doing a good job. She is on top of her game and has to be. Irascible and tetchy people like you must learn to live politics aside and deal with the real facts.There is no need for you to jump ahead of the game by calling for the electorate to remove the party in power from power. The voters will decide what is best for them when the election is called- not you.

    I doubt you would have echoed such words had it been the opposition in government. You are showing your true colours and have very little respect for the prime minister with your indecorous remarks. No government is infallible. They all make mistakes. They are humans like the rest of us.

    Look at what is happening to the current opposition right now. They are in cahoots with each other.They tossed aside a man who has been there with them through thick and thin. A man who helped weather the storm when the previously prime minister passed away. The party was in turmoil but he was able to help unite this uneasy alliance of men. He brought them together yet after all this they removed him without any compunction or contrition... And you want the Lucian electorate to elect this bunch of dimwits to power. Men without shame or remorse...If they can do that to their own one can only imagine what they will do to the country...


  7. Bravo to the government on holding chastent and Joseph to account. When will the pm tell the nation the whole truth about grynberg since the matter has been shrouded in secrecy for years. Will he be held to account as well??? Just asking. Any answer Madame press secretary???

  8. I am quite happy that the government has decided to hold these men to account for their actions, but a criminal suit would be best in my opinion. Is this just a smoke screen to blacklist chastent and Joseph? Who will hold the pm to account for the grynberg affair after so long it's still shrouded in secrecy. Maybe jadia can answer that. Enquiring minds want to know?????

  9. $40,000 for Astaphan but he is most likely to win with costs to be paid by the defendant. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U.W.P PAID REGINALD.

  10. ... "faith in local whatever" How about all the LUCIANS that work in other countries like me? So you saying they can send me to St lucia to find work? POLITICAL JACKASS LUCIANS

  11. i would be contempt if that money was going to a local attorney in which it will stay in the country n circulate but to send tax payers money to Dominica....oh hell no Kenny!!SOOOOOO Jada what you saying is that the government have no faith in the local attorneys or the attorney general

  12. Another emotional Political Hack.
    Whenever change is necessary or perhaps some good will be reflective of us (as a people,) there is always someone out there "Re-wiring" the voices of deceptive political chaos by any means necessary.

    Get over it and allow the work of The People of St. Lucia for once move ahead.

    We are our biggest enemies with our STUPIDITY and tilted and twisted thoughts of destruction.

  13. In a case like that you need the best legal brain so there is nothing wrong with the govt.hiring Estaphan.We have to admit that the lawyers here is not at his level and because of the coziness of local lawyers some of them is alledged to be conspiring to make you lose your case.Asked some of us who have been victims of such atrocities.

  14. "...2016 the public will let you know how they feel at the polls."...quite correct, with the likes of Chastanet and his gang of misfits and miscreants, coupled with the infighting within the UWPwee, lack of respect for, and the ill treating one of their own, in the person of Stephenson King, a divided UWPwee...yeah, you are correct...2016 will show Kenny, and, Labour in general.

    Keep on dreaming, when you wake up...let me know what time it is.

    You really think normal St Lucians will vote someone who does not look or act as "one of us" can't even speak the local patois/ the hell will he interact with the common, lay people?

    • Why do you study the UWP and the "problem" they are encountering now? The UWPs is going through some fire right now and that is good. I term it "purification through fire". We are trying to get that "PURE GOLD" at the end of it all. Let me explain. If Eziekel is found guilty (God forbid) the UWP will be cleanse of a bad candidate if he is innocent, the nation will know that he is a good candidate. Be informed that UWPs are not short of candidates. So for all those who are exited about what is happening now, (though I would prefer it was not happening)think of it. It is not all bad for the UWPs. Anyway, why haven't the Government tackle The Angel, who was the biggest suspect after the election? Is it because they are now against Chastanet?

  15. singing for her supper as usual

  16. Astaphan is the Devil's spawn, that man is the most evil person in the OECS. Dominica should be ashamed of producing such evil...but then again, his roots are from the troubled Middle-East. Get thee behind me Satan!!!

    • Do you just speak out of the a..?
      You seem to be just an internet troll talking crap without thinking what comes out.

      I can point to a few of your comments that says nothing, other than name calling and behaving like someone with very little to do.

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste.:(

  17. The electorate really has no power because there is no way of stopping these educated thugs from stopping this process, we will learn now when we at the poles to really screen those sofft spoken politicians who turn out to be dictators underneath.........lord help us please the en rouge really killing us, after we raped by the flambeau's......w

  18. WE have the Money to let S ta Phan smoke his pipe on tax payers..I hope there will be no crying during salary negotiations....

  19. I am not a fool cause KENNY AND JADIA never fool me.All they do is lie to the NATION all the time.

  20. Good Write up.Kenny must be brought before the populist for qusetions


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