Letter to LIAT customers from CEO

Letter to LIAT customers from CEO

evansDear Valued Customers,

On behalf of LIAT Airlines, I would like to extend my personal apology for the inconvenience many of you have been experiencing as a result of flight delays and or cancellations over the past few days.

We have been addressing several operational and crewing issues over the season but wish to stress that we have not been notified of any sickout or industrial action by any Union.

LIAT’s goal is to make your travel with us a convenient and trouble-free experience and I am truly sorry we have failed to do so.

Thank you for your patience while we seek to resolve all matters and restore stability to our flight schedule.

We truly appreciate your valued patronage, and we look forward to seeing you onboard again soon.



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  1. The airport of St. Vincent is an ugly dilapidated shack. Even in Africa mayor airport are far better.


  2. Where is the picture of the other three which all makes over $16, 000 USD monthly, Tax free plus allowances? Liat now has 4 CEOs this is the pciture of just one. What have they achieved over the last two years other than to kill LIAT and full their pockets. Look what they did with the SDQ route..look how many black people they firing who makes 3-4 000 EC, have families and pay bills. These people contributes not a cent to Antigua. Their salaries are paid directly to the UK bank accounts.....when will we ever learn?


  3. you should not even bother to apologize because LIAT has been operating late for eons that is why the name LIAT means Leave Islands Any Time. Ceo upon Ceo has never made a difference. The problem is, all you people get out of your retirement and become LIAT CEO, full your pockets while the staff are under paid so the only way to get back at you all is to fight fire with fire, strike or sick out when traffic is heavy but then again it is the traveling public who get the bitter end of the stick but you all are to be blamed not the staff. Your apology means nothing because deep down in your heart you are not truly sorry. This is just Liat,s behaviour


  4. St.vincet and st.lucia are so close yet we pay so much money for air fare. Ridiculous air fares. Please prime minister of st.vincent and st.lucia put a shuttle for us.... other countries get shuttles to and from why can't st.vincent have also..


    • Compensate customers for not arriving at their destination in a timely manner and having to overnight in Antigua at their own expense


  5. We need a shuttle from st.lucia to st.vincent and to other Caribbean countries. Liat is a waste of time


  6. Lies and money talk you Caribbean people put up with this rubbish for so long that you don't even know rubbish when you see it anymore.


  7. List again. But how were they able to organise a flight to an airport in St Vincent two days before elections to an airport without a control tower to help Gonsalves campaign and cannot provide service to normal paying passengers.


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